Is Tim Tebow going to be called up to the Mets?

The Tim Tebow show is back as the New York Mets have invited the former NFL quarterback to participate in spring training. Tebow is a polarizing figure in sports, and many pundits believe his ego exceeds his talent. Critics say he's not good enough to make it in the big leagues; this is just a marketing ploy. But the Mets' hitting coach says Tebow is a gifted athlete who has what it takes to go pr…

Is it cowardly for teams to tank on purpose?

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has had a rough winter, hit with a $600,000 fine for admitting that the Mavs should "tank" or lose on purpose for a better draft position. Many feel tanking cheapens the game and goes against everything competition is supposed to be about. Still, teams with less talent need a game-changing player in the draft and tanking is the best way to have a better chance at…

Should the Spurs trade Kawhi Leonard?

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is not optimistic that star forward Kawhi Leonard will return this season. The 2014 Finals MVP is still nursing a quad injury and many think his time with the Spurs is coming to an end. Some think that the injury has gotten to Leonard's head and the Spurs should just cut their losses. Many think Leonard is still the best two-way player in the league when he is healt…

Should the Cleveland Browns draft Josh Allen with the No. 1 pick?

ESPN's expert NFL Draft picker Mel Kiper released another mock draft with a little surprise at the top. Instead of having the Browns picking Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, Kiper has Cleveland picking Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. With his size and a strong arm, Allen is a juicy prospect the Browns could understandably take. Still, the Browns could also be feeding false information and Allen may not…

Should Adam Vinatieri retire a Patriot or Colt?

The Indianapolis Colts are getting their kicker back. Clutch kicker Adam Vinatieri is reportedly coming back for his 23rd season and 13th with the Colts. Many people feel Vinatieri should retire as a Patriot where he hit two Super Bowl-winning field goals. However, Vinatieri has been more accurate and spent more of his career with the Colts. He also won a championship with the team in 2006. Where…

Did Mark Cuban know about the sexual harassment in the Mavericks organization?

A Sports Illustrated report alleges the Dallas Mavericks have a culture of sexual harassment perpetrated by former team president and CEO, Terdema Ussery. Team owner Mark Cuban was shocked by the report, saying he had no idea about the hostile environment because he worked more on the basketball operations side of the business. But as a hyper-involved owner, many believe there is no way he was com…

Should the Philadelphia Eagles trade Nick Foles?

Nick Foles became a legend after guiding the Philadelphia Eagles to the team's first-ever Super Bowl championship, but he isn't the only great quarterback on the roster. Carson Wentz was an MVP-caliber quarterback last year. Keeping Foles around would be a waste especially if Foles' trade value is high and the team can get a good return. Still, it's always nice to have two Super Bowl-ready talents…

Did Louisville deserve to have its national championship stripped?

The Louisville Cardinals were denied an appeal in their escort scandal, vacating wins from their 2012-2013 season, including the 2013 National Championship. With the school using strippers and escorts to recruit players, Louisville needed to be punished to the fullest extent by the NCAA. Still, the University of North Carolina had an academic scandal that spanned nearly two decades and still kept…

Is Kirk Cousins overrated?

NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins may be the most sought-after free agent in 2018, but is he worth all of the hype? Cousins is still in the prime years of his career, completing 67 percent of his passes and averaging 4,392 yards and 27 touchdowns the last three seasons. Still, he is below .500 as a starter and hasn't proven he can carry a team on his own. What do you think? 🏈…

Should the national anthem be banned from sporting events?

The playing of the national anthem began in Major League Baseball during World War I and quickly spread to all other sports after World War II. But with so many athletes kneeling and, um, interesting renditions by Fergie and Carl Lewis, some are asking what "The Star-Spangled Banner" has to do with any sporting event. Others believe the anthem is an important patriotic ritual honoring those who sa…