Do you trust Fox News?

Critics slam the Fox News as being a right-wing propaganda outlet that has created a dangerous alternate reality for its viewers. But Fox News argues it is a totally legitimate news organization that simply provides a necessary counterpoint to the liberal media. Others point to studies showing Fox News viewers are consistently the most misinformed audience in the nation, and the network can't be t…

Did the Trump campaign collude with Russia?

Evidence that Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign may have colluded with Russia continues to build. Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his aide Rick Gates have been formally charged with "conspiracy against the United States," and campaign aide George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents. Critics argue this is proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, b…

Should Supreme Court justices have term limits?

The Constitution says Supreme Court justices "shall hold their offices during good behavior," which has been interpreted to mean they have a life term. Some argue lifetime appointments are necessary to ensure Supreme Court justices are sheltered from political pressure. But critics argue life terms have backfired, causing the Supreme Court to be more politicized than ever, and incentivizing presid…

Is marijuana a 'gateway drug'?

After President Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national health emergency, the chair of Trump's opioid commission, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, was quick to link the crisis to marijuana. Despite evidence to the contrary, Christie argues marijuana is a "gateway drug," and efforts to legalize it should be stopped. But most experts agree the pharmaceutical industry―not pot―is largely to blame…

Should NBC cancel Megyn Kelly?

After spending 12 years at Fox News, followed by a failed Sunday show, Megyn Kelly's new morning show "Megyn Kelly Today" has been continuously met with criticism. Many are calling on NBC to cancel her show, and NBC insiders are apparently worried "Megyn Kelly Today" will be another flop. But others feel Megyn Kelly is being unfairly targeted by both the left and the right, and people ought to giv…

Should Joe Biden run for president in 2020?

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently launched a political action committee, ostensibly to support Democratic candidates. Many think he's keeping the door open for a 2020 presidential bid. Biden was an enormously popular vice president; he's openly bemoaned the loss of white working-class voters to the Republican Party and thinks he could win them back. Others say Joe is too old and needs to gi…

Do you still want to see Donald Trump's tax returns?

Donald Trump is the first president in 40 years not to release his federal income tax returns. Critics say before the GOP passes tax reform, Americans must know how much Trump will benefit from these tax cuts. With the Russia investigation looming over the White House, watchdogs say we need to see those returns now more than ever. But supporters say the constant demand for Trump's taxes is just a…