Should a sitting president hold campaign rallies after the election?

Since the 2016 election, President Trump has held 24 rallies across the country. Trump claims the rallies allow him to speak directly to the American people, but others believe they are meant to distract the public and massage Trump's ego—rather than further his agenda. While it is not uncommon for sitting presidents to hold rallies leading up to their re-election, many are surprised as to why...
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Should the Trump administration reunite families separated at the border?

President Trump signed an executive order to temporarily halt the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border. Critics say the executive order contains a number of problematic loopholes and does nothing to reunite the thousands of children already separated from their parents. But others think Trump has done more than enough to address the issue, and migrant families need to follow the law...
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Should schools honoring Confederate leaders be renamed after Barack Obama?

An elementary school in Virginia named after a prominent Confederate figure will be renamed after former President Barack Obama. The school argues the name change is meant to reflect the ideals consistent with those of the students. The school is 90 percent African American and who better than our first black president to replace a Confederate leader? But others believe the name change erases our...
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Should Fox News fire Laura Ingraham?

Fox News host Laura Ingraham caused controversy after she claimed detention centers holding migrant children separated from their parents were "essentially summer camps." Ingraham got in trouble earlier this year when she taunted Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg for being rejected from colleges, leading to a boycott of her advertisers. Some say enough is enough, Ingraham should be taken off...
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Should America make English its official language?

Conservatives have urged President Trump to designate English as the official language of the United States, arguing it is the true American language. Anyone who wants to become an American or participate in U.S. society should speak the language—or get out. Critics say designating English as the official language is an age-old way to marginalize immigrants. Dutch, German, Spanish and French...
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Is NAFTA a bad trade deal?

During his campaign, President Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the "worst trade deal in history," so it's not surprising negotiations are not going well. But President Trump isn't alone—Bernie Sanders has long argued NAFTA encourages corporations to "flee to Mexico" and hire workers for "starvation wages." Others maintain killing NAFTA will hurt the economy and lead...
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Is the death of net neutrality actually good for the Internet?

Net neutrality is officially dead, and some worry this means the end to a free and open Internet. Since the Internet is as essential as phone lines or power, net neutrality advocates argue it should be regulated like a utility. But opponents of net neutrality argue Internet service providers (ISPs) will now compete against each other, leading to better services and products for the consumer....
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Is health care a human right?

The Trump administration says it won't defend key provisions of the Affordable Care Act in court—such as protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Republicans have long tried to gut Obamacare, arguing it's an individual's responsibility to take care of his or her health and plan accordingly. But critics say health care is a fundamental human right and our collective...
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Do sanctuary cities make America less safe?

A federal judge recently ruled against President Trump in a Philadelphia sanctuary city case, claiming the Trump administration violated "statutory and constitutional law." Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly threatened sanctuaries, claiming they are unsafe and create locales where crimes go unpunished. But political scientists say the opposite is true. Sanctuary cities actually see...
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Should Fox News fire Sean Hannity?

Sean Hannity recently went on a tirade in which he urged witnesses in the Robert Mueller investigation to delete all their emails and smash their phones into "itsy-bitsy pieces." Many feel this is the final straw—from his relationship with Michael Cohen to his defense of child molester Roy Moore, Fox News should fire the conservative firebrand. But Hannity's defenders continue to stick by him,...
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