Who are the real snowflakes: Liberals or conservatives?

The Guardian described "snowflake" as "the defining insult of 2016." Originally from "Fight Club," conservatives began using the term to vilify liberals who decry microaggressions while demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings. But leftists have been hurling the insult back, saying right-wingers who make scenes over Starbucks cups are the thin-skinned ones. Do they not see the irony in...
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Does Ivanka Trump deserve all the hate?

Ivanka Trump has been a target since her father decided to run for president. While Ivanka cast herself as a champion of women—promising to fight for things like equal pay and paid family leave—she has done little to follow through on her promises. Many have attacked her for failing to push for women's issues in the White House or challenge the president's dismal track record on social issues,...
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Should Barack Obama speak out against President Trump?

Traditionally, former presidents do not critique their successor. But after President Trump moved to end DACA, Barack Obama was quick to speak out against him in a viral Facebook post. Many have applauded Obama for pushing back against Trump, but others argue, given the unique threat Trump poses to our democracy, Obama hasn't done enough. Others believe Obama has no business weighing in on the...
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Is America still the leader of the free world?

After Trump called the European Union a "foe" and held a jawdropping press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin, critics say America is no longer the leader of the free world. By abandoning our allies and embracing authoritarian leaders, many argue Trump has ceded our moral authority and commitment to democratic ideals. But the U.S. still has the world's largest military and biggest...
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Should it be illegal to burn the American flag?

President Trump thinks Americans who burn the flag should be jailed and have their citizenship revoked. And while flag burning is a protected act of free speech under the Constitution, the majority of Americans believe it should be illegal. Others say banning flag burning misses the entire point of what the American flag supposedly stands for: freedom of speech, especially unpopular speech. What...
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Should the government step in to stop Sinclair Broadcasting Group?

Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a conservative media conglomerate, went viral after it forced hundreds of local news anchors across the country to read from the same script criticizing the mainstream media. The president also praised the controversial broadcaster, tweeting Sinclair is "far superior to CNN." But many have called on the FCC to step in and stop Sinclair from further pushing propaganda,...

Should Kamala Harris run for president in 2020?

Many believe Kamala Harris is just who Democrats need to lead the party to victory in 2020. The junior senator from California has become a rising star due, in part, to her role on the Senate Intel Committee. Harris has had a long career in public service, serving as California's Attorney General under Gov. Jerry Brown. But others believe she is too "corporate" and inexperienced, and should step...

Should Election Day be a federal holiday?

Election Day has been on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November since 1845. The date was chosen by federal lawmakers to avoid conflicts with religious services and ease travel logistics for farmers and business owners. Critics say the antiquated law reduces voter turnout and penalizes hourly workers. But making Election Day a holiday could negatively impact the economy, increase costs for...
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Should a sitting president hold campaign rallies after the election?

Since the 2016 election, President Trump has held 24 rallies across the country. Trump claims the rallies allow him to speak directly to the American people, but others believe they are meant to distract the public and massage Trump's ego—rather than further his agenda. While it is not uncommon for sitting presidents to hold rallies leading up to their re-election, many are surprised as to why...
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Is the death of net neutrality actually good for the Internet?

Net neutrality is officially dead, and some worry this means the end to a free and open Internet. Since the Internet is as essential as phone lines or power, net neutrality advocates argue it should be regulated like a utility. But opponents of net neutrality argue Internet service providers (ISPs) will now compete against each other, leading to better services and products for the consumer....
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