Morning Joe vs. President Trump: Whose side are you on?

Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have been feuding with President Trump for over a year now. While Trump was once friendly with the MSNBC anchors, things have since deteriorated. Trump mocked Mika for "bleeding badly from a face-lift" and recently drudged up a conspiracy theory insinuating Joe committed murder. Many have applauded Morning Joe for sticking to their guns and cha…

Should there be an age limit for Congress?

John McCain's incoherent questioning of James Comey earlier this year had many wondering about the Senator's mental capabilities at age 81. McCain isn't the oldest member of Congress: Orrin Hatch is 83, Dianne Feinstein is 84 and John Conyers is 88. Many argue there should be age limits for members of Congress as cognitive impairment is a reality of advance aging. But others argue it is unfair to…

Do you support the GOP tax plan?

The GOP tax plan has been met with harsh criticism and has support from only 29 percent of Americans, according to CNBC. Opponents argue the tax plan gives a massive tax cut to the rich at the expense of the middle class, education and health care. But Republicans argue their plan actually benefits the middle class by boosting economic growth and making America more globally competitive. What do y…

Would you rather have Dennis Rodman or Donald Trump handle North Korea?

It's becoming increasingly possible that President Trump may walk us into an accidental war with North Korea. But what if we put someone with more experience in charge—like Dennis Rodman. Rodman's been to North Korea several times and has maintained a strong friendship with Kim Jong Un. Meanwhile, Trump promised North Korea would "be met with fire and fury," and continues to taunt Kim Jong Un on T…

Does President Trump's travel ban make us safer?

President Trump tweeted a series of anti-Muslim videos as the Supreme Court is currently considering whether to allow his most recent travel ban to go into effect. The White House has insisted the travel ban is necessary to protect us from foreign terrorists trying to enter the country. But critics maintain the ban is discriminatory and could actually make us less safe. What do you think? ✈️…

Do you respect the New York Times?

America's newspaper of record came under fire for what many called a puff piece on a white supremacist. The paper apologized, but some readers are still angry that they give a platform to climate change deniers, writers who caution against "believing all women" and David Brooks. Others accuse the Gray Lady of liberal bias. But defenders say the Times is striving to create balance, reach beyond coa…

Is Jill Stein a joke?

Susan Sarandon doesn't regret voting for Green party candidate Jill Stein in 2016 because she believes Hillary Clinton is as bad as Trump. Critics say Jill Stein is a complete joke. She has been running for office since 2002, but was only ever elected once as a member of the Lexington Town Meeting. Not to mention her weird anti-science stance on vaccines and wireless internet. But Stein's defender…

Should Democrats be more willing to work with President Trump?

After President Trump tweeted he would be meeting with "Chuck and Nancy" to discuss "illegal immigrants flooding our country," Schumer and Pelosi abruptly cancelled their meeting with the president. Many argue Democrats should seek to find common ground with Trump on issues where they share the same goals. But others believe Democrats have nothing to gain from Trump's agenda and should obstruct hi…

Should the media use the word 'racist' to describe Trump?

At an event honoring Native American veterans, President Trump called Senator Elizabeth Warren "Pocohontas" (again). Many groups, including Native American organizations, critiqued Trump's use of a racial slur; and some demand the media label him a racist. But many respected journalists argue that putting labels on speech by any public figure risks editorialization—the media should report what the…

Does Susan Sarandon need to have a seat?

Actress, activist and Bernie Sanders surrogate Susan Sarandon kicked up a firestorm when she told The Guardian she doesn't regret calling Hillary Clinton "more dangerous" than Trump because "we would be at war" if Clinton had won. Many accuse Sarandon of white privilege and ignorance; they say her demonizing of Clinton helped Trump win. But progressives say she speaks the truth: Clinton was a corp…