Do we really need an Equal Rights Amendment?

Nearly a century after it was first drafted, Illinois became the 37th state in the country to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. While the vote is symbolic—the deadline was 1982—only one more state is needed for the amendment to theoretically be enshrined in the Constitution. Women's rights advocates have long argued a constitutional amendment is necessary to protect against gender...
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Is health care a human right?

The Trump administration says it won't defend key provisions of the Affordable Care Act in court—such as protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Republicans have long tried to gut Obamacare, arguing it's an individual's responsibility to take care of his or her health and plan accordingly. But critics say health care is a fundamental human right and our collective...
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Should President Trump fire EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt?

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has been facing pressure to resign over ballooning scandals involving his lavish spending habits, a shady condo deal and most recently, an affinity for Ritz-Carlton moisturizer. Reports suggest the White House considered firing Pruitt, but President Trump repeatedly defended his EPA chief. Pruitt has been one of the most effective cabinet...
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Should 'God Bless America' be our new national anthem?

"The Star-Spangled Banner" is a terrible anthem. It glorifies war and white supremacy—with the NAACP calling for it to be removed completely—and its huge range makes it nearly impossible to sing. But "God Bless America" is a favorite of many. Written by an immigrant, Irving Berlin, "God Bless America" truly captures the American spirit... but also entangles country and religion. Do you think "God...
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Do sanctuary cities make America less safe?

A federal judge recently ruled against President Trump in a Philadelphia sanctuary city case, claiming the Trump administration violated "statutory and constitutional law." Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly threatened sanctuaries, claiming they are unsafe and create locales where crimes go unpunished. But political scientists say the opposite is true. Sanctuary cities actually see...
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Should Fox News fire Sean Hannity?

Sean Hannity recently went on a tirade in which he urged witnesses in the Robert Mueller investigation to delete all their emails and smash their phones into "itsy-bitsy pieces." Many feel this is the final straw—from his relationship with Michael Cohen to his defense of child molester Roy Moore, Fox News should fire the conservative firebrand. But Hannity's defenders continue to stick by him,...
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Is protest patriotic?

President Trump canceled a White House event celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win, accusing athletes of being unpatriotic and disrespectful. None of the Philadelphia players ever knelt in protest during the national anthem, yet many on the right say athletes who kneel to protest police violence during the national anthem or refuse to visit the White House are "ungrateful." Others...
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Is the media unfair to Melania Trump?

Melania Trump has had a rough time as the first lady. From news of her husband's affairs with porn stars and playmates to her disappearing act post-surgery, Melania can't catch a break. Many believe the media is too hard on Melania; she's a private person doing her best to adjust to a high-profile role she never wanted. But critics say she deserves scorn for enabling her husband. She was also a...
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Does President Trump know the words to 'God Bless America'?

After it was announced the Philidelphia Eagles wouldn't visit the White House, President Trump held a "Celebration of America" event instead. While the event was intended to honor patriotism, critics laughed at what appeared to be the president struggling to remember the words to "God Bless America." How can you claim to love this country more than anyone while not even knowing the words to such...
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Was Bill Clinton a good president?

President Bill Clinton's legacy has been debated by historians and citizens alike. Some argue Clinton revitalized the Democratic Party, pushed bipartisan policies and balanced the budget, leaving the U.S. with a surplus. But others say Clinton's legacy shouldn't be remembered fondly. Welfare reform, NAFTA and the 1994 crime bill all happened on his watch. Not to mention the Monica Lewinsky...
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