Should celebrities stay out of politics?

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley got political at the Country Music Awards, mocking President Trump with a parody song "Before He Tweets." Some applauded the country stars for using their platform to make fun of the current administration, and feel celebrities should be free to express their political opinions. But others think celebrities should stick to entertaining and stay out of politics. No…

Who's really to blame for dividing America: Obama or Trump?

A recent poll found 66 percent of Americans believe President Trump is doing more to divide the country than unite it. But Trump's defenders argue it was President Obama who created the great divide in America, and Trump is just trying to pick up the pieces. What do you think? 🤔…

Should Bill Nye the Science Guy take over the EPA?

Bill Nye the Science Guy has become a leading voice on climate change. Known for his popular '90s children's show, Nye has since become very political and slammed President Trump's head of the EPA Scott Pruitt for being anti-science. Some think Bill Nye would make a better head of the EPA than Scott Pruitt. But others argue Bill Nye is nothing more than a celebrity in a lab coat who should keep hi…

Is Tomi Lahren a role model?

Love her or hate her, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has made a huge splash in the political world. Some applaud her for being an excellent role model to young women: strong, intelligent and willing to speak her mind. But others find her commentary to be racist and opportunistic and believe there is nothing to admire about a woman who uses her looks and raw hatred to get ahead. What do you t…

Did President Trump make America great again in his first year?

When President Trump was elected last year, he rode the victory on a promise to make America great again. But one year later, the Trump administration has failed to pass any major legislation and the president's approval ratings continue to hit historic lows. Some argue this is proof Trump can never make the country great. But his fans believe Trump is doing an excellent job, and this is only the…

Are Democrats making a comeback?

After Ralph Northam won handily in Virginia and Phil Murphy also won in New Jersey, many Democrats believe their party is finally making a comeback after a year of losing. But some believe Democrats are counting their victories too soon. Virginia and New Jersey are blue states, and Democrats have yet to win where it counts. Not to mention the majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of the p…

Is it wrong to belittle 'thoughts and prayers'?

Congressman Ted Lieu walked out during a moment of silence for the victims of the Texas shooting. Lieu claimed he left because he had gone to "too many moments of silences" and demanded real action be taken to end gun violence in America. Some view Lieu's decision as disrespectful and believe the constant denigration of "thoughts and prayers" is insensitive and wrong. But others argue politicians…

Who's more patriotic: Liberals or conservatives?

Conservatives believe they are more patriotic than liberals, and the polling appears to back them up. But liberals argue patriotism is about more than waving flags and clinging to guns. What could be more patriotic than celebrating a country that welcomes people from all different backgrounds or championing protest as a form of free speech? But conservatives still think liberals are too critical o…

Should we raise the alcohol tax?

The federal alcohol tax has not been raised since 1991, and as Republicans attempt to cut taxes without exploding the deficit, some experts argue a modest tax increase would generate some $70.4 billion in revenue over 10 years. It would also discourage people from drinking as much, averting as many as 6,000 deaths per year. But others argue the alcohol tax is nothing more than a sin tax, and peopl…

Should the U.S. adopt automatic voter registration?

Automatic voter registration already exists in 10 states, and members of Congress want to bring it to the national level. Supporters of automatic voter registration argue it shifts the burden away from the individual and makes it easier for eligible voters to participate in the political process. But opponents argue automatic voter registration violates a citizen's right not to participate in the…