Should police officers be required to wear body cameras?

After bodycam footage emerged of a nurse being violently arrest, an increased number of people are calling for mandatory body cameras on all police officers. Supporters maintain that recording encounters between police officers and citizens greatly reduces violence and protects officers by providing them objective evidence of incidents. But critics argue that body cameras are costly and create pri…

Does the U.S. need stricter voter ID laws?

A federal appeals court recently stayed a lower court ruling, granting Texas the ability to implement a controversial voter ID law. Voting rights activists claim voter ID laws use "Jim Crow-era tactics" to make it more difficult for minorities to vote. But supporters claim the laws are necessary to prevent voter fraud. What do you think? 🎫…

Do tax cuts help boost the economy?

President Trump has been urging Congress to pass what House Speaker Paul Ryan is calling "job-creating, paycheck-growing" tax reform in order to jumpstart the economy. But critics have argued tax cut proposals put forth by Republicans would do little to boost the economy, and would largely benefit the rich. What do you think? 💸…

Should Democrats support candidates who oppose abortion?

Democrats For Life of America has been pressuring the Democratic Party to amend its pro-choice platform and some members of Democratic leadership have been open to working with them, stating there is "no litmus test" when it comes to candidates who oppose abortion rights. But many argue that reproductive freedom is non-negotiable, and Democrats should not compromise on women's rights. What do you…

Is it time for Democratic voters to move past Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton fans say they're the future of the Democratic Party, their candidate won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, yet they get no respect. They're sick of thinkpieces on Bernie and Trump supporters. Verrit, a platform whose tagline is "media for the 65.8 million" Clinton voters, was ridiculed and hacked within hours of its launch. But critics say Hillary voters supported an awful cand…

Should Barack Obama keep his political opinions to himself?

It's a tradition that former presidents do not critique the current president in office. But after President Trump moved to end the DACA immigration policy, Barack Obama spoke out in a Facebook post that went viral, calling the decision "cruel." Many say reversing DACA is so disgraceful that Obama was warranted to speak out. Others argue he violated protocol with his critique and has no business w…

Is Hillary Clinton wrong to blame Bernie Sanders for her loss?

In her new book "What Happened," Hillary Clinton claims attacks on her character from Bernie Sanders caused "lasting damage" and lay the foundation for Donald Trump's "Crooked Hillary campaign." Many believe anti-Hillary "Bernie Bros" swung the election for Trump, but others believe Clinton should stop blaming Sanders and take accountability for her own loss instead. What do you think?…

Did President Trump make the right decision to end DACA?

The Trump administration officially announced its plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an Obama-era policy meant to protect the children of undocumented immigrants. Many are outraged by what they view as a "mean-spirited" and unnecessary decision. But others argue DACA was unconstitutional, and President Trump is giving Congress six months to "resolve the DACA is…

Should Al Franken run for president?

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was a famous comedian and writer on "Saturday Night Live" for nearly 15 years. He's now such a popular and effective legislator for Minnesota that many want him to run for president. He's smart, packs star power and has deep-pocketed friends in the entertainment industry who could help fund a run. But critics say we don't need a comedian in the White House, and even Franken'…

Should Democrats be more willing to work with President Trump?

President Trump has reportedly reached a deal with congressional Democrats to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government. Many argue Democrats should seek to find common ground with President Trump on issues where they share the same goals. But others believe Democrats have nothing to gain from Trump's agenda and should obstruct him in the same way Republicans did Obama. What do you think?🐴 🇺🇸…