Should it be illegal to burn the American flag?

Flag Day commemorates the day the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes back in 1777, but over 200 years later, people are still debating what the flag actually signifies. President Trump thinks Americans who burn the flag should be jailed and have their citizenship revoked. And while flag burning is a protected act of free speech under the Constitution, the majority of Americans...
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Is America still the leader of the free world?

After a very tense G-7 summit and President Trump's meet-cute with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, critics are saying America is no longer the leader of the free world. By abandoning our allies and embracing authoritarians like Kim and Vladimir Putin, many believe Trump has ceded our moral authority and commitment to democratic ideals. But the U.S. still has the world's largest military and...
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Is NAFTA a bad trade deal?

During his campaign, President Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the "worst trade deal in history," so it's not surprising negotiations are not going well. But President Trump isn't alone—Bernie Sanders has long argued NAFTA encourages corporations to "flee to Mexico" and hire workers for "starvation wages." Others maintain killing NAFTA will hurt the economy and lead...
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Is the death of net neutrality actually good for the Internet?

Net neutrality is officially dead, and some worry this means the end to a free and open Internet. Since the Internet is as essential as phone lines or power, net neutrality advocates argue it should be regulated like a utility. But opponents of net neutrality argue Internet service providers (ISPs) will now compete against each other, leading to better services and products for the consumer....
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Does the ACLU fight for everyone, or just liberals?

When the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was founded nearly 100 years ago, it was established as an explicitly nonpartisan group dedicated to protecting the civil liberties of all American citizens. But these days, critics argue the ACLU has become nothing more than a far-left advocacy group that only cares about liberals. Even the ACLU's executive director Anthony Romero admits the ACLU is...
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Should we restore full power to the Voting Rights Act?

The Supreme Court upheld Ohio's method of purging voter rolls, ruling the state can remove people from the rolls if they haven't voted in two years. Critics say the court's decision will have dire consequences, and Congress should restore full power to the Voting Rights Act to ensure states aren't able to pass laws that hurt voters of color. But Antonin Scalia famously proclaimed the Voting...
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Do #MeToo allegations taint George H.W. Bush's legacy?

George H.W. Bush just turned 94 years old, and while some are celebrating the former president, others don't feel he deserves any praise given his #MeToo history. Last year, four women came forward claiming Bush had groped them. Bush apologized to some of the women, and his spokesman admitted the former president had “patted women’s rears.” Does George H.W. Bush really deserve all the praise?
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Do you trust President Trump to deal with North Korea?

President Trump scheduled, then canceled, then re-scheduled his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but now the two are finally meeting in Singapore. Critics worry Trump will only make a bad situation worse with his erratic and unpredictable behavior. But others argue any discussion with North Korea that helps de-escalate the nuclear crisis is progress. What do you think? 🤔
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Does President Trump owe Canada an apology?

Following the G-7 summit, President Trump accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of being "dishonest" and "weak" before going on a Twitter rant attacking Trudeau for criticizing his trade policy. Many Canadians are angry with Trump's treatment of Trudeau, and believe they are owed an apology. Even some Americans have apologized on behalf of the U.S. But Trump isn't one to apologize and...
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Are you tired of celebrities trashing President Trump?

Robert De Niro got a standing ovation after he said "F--k Trump" at the Tony Awards. Michelle Wolf was applauded for calling out President Trump and the press at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. And Kathy Griffin is making a comeback after her career was nearly destroyed by a photo of her holding a severed, bloody Trump head. Many have championed celebrities for speaking out against Trump,...
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