Should the U.S. adopt universal child care?

While a lot of attention has been paid to Bernie Sanders' health care plan, 27 Senate Democrats recently introduced the Child Care for Working Families Act. Democrats believe this legislation will relieve parents of the burden of child-care costs by making it a guaranteed entitlement. But opponents argue parents should be free to make their own child-care decisions, and universal child care negati…

Does it actually matter if you vote?

Roughly 100 million people didn't vote in the 2016 election, and voter turnout in the U.S. is anemic compared to other developed countries. Politicians, activists and academics across the political spectrum and throughout history have revered voting as the most important way individuals contribute to a democracy. But some believe voting doesn't matter, and choosing not to participate in the curren…

Should Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was one of Donald Trump's earliest and most enthusiastic supporters, but recent reporting reveals President Trump berated Sessions after Robert Mueller was appointed to the special council. Trump publicly said he "would have picked somebody else" had he known Sessions would recuse himself, and Sessions reportedly offered to resign after the outburst. But many Republi…

Has President Trump done enough to condemn white supremacy?

President Trump recently signed a resolution in which he condemns "hatred, bigotry and racism in all forms." This statement comes nearly a month after violence erupted at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where President Trump responded by claiming "both sides" were responsible for the unrest. Many are saying it's too little too late. But others believe Trump has done enough…

Should the U.S. abolish the Electoral College?

After winning the popular vote, but losing the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton believes it is time to eliminate the Electoral College. Many have argued it is an outdated system that undermines democracy and disproportionately favors a handful of states. But others claim the Electoral College is deeply misunderstood. Our founding fathers were right to be wary of direct democracy, and abolishing the…

Should individuals have to pass a background check to vote?

President Trump's Election Integrity Commission is considering a proposal that would require individuals to pass a background check before registering to vote. John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, suggested background checks—similar to those required to purchase a gun—are an effective way to "check if the right people are voting." But critics argue voting rights are not th…

Should the U.S. use military force against North Korea?

After the U.N. imposed new sanctions against North Korea, President Trump responded by claiming the sanctions are "nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen." Some foreign policy hawks believe America should use military force against North Korea before Pyongyang is able to launch a nuclear strike on the U.S. mainland. But others argue for diplomacy, claiming military intervention wo…

Will President Trump's travel ban make the U.S. safer?

The Supreme Court recently granted a request from the Trump administration blocking a lower court's decision that would have allowed up to 24,000 refugees into the country. The White House has insisted the travel ban is necessary to protect the U.S. from foreign terrorists trying to enter the country. But critics maintain the ban is discriminatory and could actually make us less safe. What do you…

Is it unseemly to call President Trump 'Teflon Don'?

Focus group data recently revealed none of the attacks against President Trump are working, and many supporters have begun referring to the president as "Teflon Don." Some supporters relish in the nickname, believing it indicates Trump is a strong leader who cannot be defeated. But others have pointed out  "Teflon Don" was the nickname of notorious mobster John Gotti, who was ultimately brought do…

Is it insensitive to discuss climate change during a hurricane?

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told CNN that now is not the time to discuss climate change and doing so would be "very insensitive" to the millions who've been devastated by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But science shows that climate change is contributing to the increased strength and frequency of hurricanes. If we can't discuss climate change when it is wreaking havoc on the globe, when can we di…