Is it wrong to belittle 'thoughts and prayers'?
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Is it wrong to belittle 'thoughts and prayers'?

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Congressman Ted Lieu walked out during a moment of silence for the victims of the Texas shooting. Lieu claimed he left because he had gone to "too many moments of silences" and demanded real action be taken to end gun violence in America. Some view Lieu's decision as disrespectful and believe the constant denigration of "thoughts and prayers" is insensitive and wrong. But others argue politicians who offer nothing more than their condolences is not enough. What do you think? 🙏

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California congressman Ted Lieu walked out of a moment of silence for the Texas shooting victims to protest the lack of action on gun violence.

"I view it as doing my job to highlight this issue because you don't want Congress to just do moments of silences every time a mass shooting happens," he said in an interview Tuesday. "You want us to take action to try to prevent the shooting from happening in the first place."

Like many others, Lieu claimed he was tired of watching politicians offers "thoughts and prayers" in place of real action, and wanted to see serious changes made to gun safety legislation.


Many conservatives have criticized the left for belittling prayer in the wake of mass shootings, arguing it's disrespectful to the victims.

But others applauded Ted Lieu and others who have called out Republican "thoughts and prayers" for what they really are―an excuse to do nothing.

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