Would Joe Biden make a good president?
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Would Joe Biden make a good president?

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We know, "crazy uncle Joe" is not even running, but in a recent interview he said he would make "the best president." 

Joe Biden was VP for 8 years and didn't shoot anybody in the face. That actually beats the performance of some past VPs. It's safe to assume that if he had run, he would have been a serious contender for the Democratic nomination. Joe Biden said on Good Morning America that he was going to run before his son Beau's death. He also said that deciding not to run was the right thing for his family and himself. But Joe did add confidently "I would have been the best president." 

So we have to ask: If Biden had gotten the nod and won, would he have made a great 45th President of the United States? 

Joe Biden has plenty of experience in politics. He also has earned the nick-name "crazy uncle Joe," as he has a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth. You can examine Joe Biden's stance on political issues and voting records here.

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Joe Biden says Joe Biden would have been a great president.
Joe has political fans that adore him.
A lot of critics think he would have been rather clownish. But hey, that's a step up from being a disaster.
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