Who is more anti-science: Conservatives or liberals?
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Who is more anti-science: Conservatives or liberals?

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The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, coupled with the Trump administration's decision to gut the EPAhas compelled many to speak out about climate change and the importance of science. Conservatives are often accused of being anti-science for denying climate change and evolution, but some argue liberals are just as anti-science when it comes to issues like vaccines and GMOs. What do you think? 🔬

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Many have expressed outrage at the Trump administration's decision to severely cut funding for government agencies and appoint unqualified individuals to prominent scientific positions. Science-denial isn't new to RepublicansPresident Bush was criticized for his stance on stem-cell research and Republicans have denied climate change for yearsbut the Trump administration appears to be taking the "War on Science" to an unprecedented level that will likely produce dire consequences. 

Muting or censoring government scientists, appointing unqualified senior government officials to scientific posts, and underfunding scientific research programs are all part of an insidious and worrisome trend. It is insidious because the impacts of such decisions are not immediate. Rather, they will affect the health and welfare of the country a generation from now.

Democrats have assumed the mantle of being a pro-science party, especially under President Trump, but many point out that liberals are often able to get away with their own anti-science views.

But in the modern liberal mind, whether someone can be called a science-denier has taken on a scope limited to a small subset of scientific concepts: climate change and evolution. In essence, if you accept these concepts, you are pro-science; if you deny them, you are anti-science. True as that may be, this myopic view ignores a wide world of science, some of which is at odds with many beliefs popular on the left.

But many think it is a false equivalency to compare the fringe anti-science views on the far left to the much more widespread anti-science views on the right.

One [form of science denial] is clearly right-wing and is driven by conservative activists, think tanks, media outlets like Fox News, and politicians. It is widely adhered to in the conservative movement, and it is highly politically relevant because conservatives (and Republicans) take their views on these issues as motivation to try to affect policy... This type of science denial, institutionalized within a major party and its activist base, has little parallel on the modern American left or within the Democratic Party. 

And liberals tend to trust science at much higher rates than their conservative counterparts.

Yet some still believe the anti-science wing of the left is gaining more traction and will cause more damage than science denial on the right.

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