Should President Trump fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller?
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Should President Trump fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller?

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Now that special counsel Robert Mueller has filed criminal charges against members of Donald Trump's campaign staff, many are speculating that President Trump will fire Mueller. Trump allies question Mueller's integrity and have called for his resignation, but other Republicans joined Democrats in introducing bipartisan legislation to protect Mueller's job. Critics say firing Mueller would be a virtual admission of guilt by the president. Should Trump fire Mueller?

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Brent Budowsky argues that if Trump does fire Mueller, he's essentially admitting guilt and committing obstruction of justice. 

There would be an intense backlash from across the spectrum of American political thought, including liberals, political independents and principled conservatives. 

But Mueller has been facing calls to step down from conservatives since the summer, who say the many conflicts on his team, including his relationship with fired director James Comey, prevent him from being impartial.

Congressional Republicans over the summer raised concerns over Mueller’s relationship with Comey, whom Trump ousted from the FBI in May. Reps. Franks and Andy Biggs, both Republicans from Arizona, had called for Mueller’s resignation for that reason.

Some observers say Congressional leaders need to decide what they will do if Trump does fire the special prosecutor.

But Team Trump says Mueller needs to go.

Mueller's defenders say his credentials, record of service, and character are unimpeachable, and that he's being smeared because the White House fears what he will find out.

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