Is Tomi Lahren a role model?
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Is Tomi Lahren a role model?

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Love her or hate her, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has made a huge splash in the political world. Some applaud her for being an excellent role model to young women: strong, intelligent and willing to speak her mind. But others find her commentary to be racist and opportunistic and believe there is nothing to admire about a woman who uses her looks and raw hatred to get ahead. What do you think? 💁🏼

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Tomi Lahren rose to prominence during the 2016 election after making viral videos which gained her over 4.5 million Facebook followers. Since she was fired from The Blaze for making pro-choice comments, Lahren has since become a regular contributor on Fox News and a national political star.

Cammie Valentine argues in Odyssey that whether or not you agree with Lahren's political views, she is an excellent role model for young women. Valentine argues women should be able to be role models regardless of their political party.

I just think that woman pick and choose who those “role models” should be based on political parties. I personally think that Tomi Lahren is one of those women who is overlooked and under-appreciated by the female population because she supports President Donald Trump. But again, regardless of your political party, Tomi Lahren is someone who little girls should be looking up to and told about.

Valentine notes Lahren has all the characteristics of a great role model: strong, outspoken and well-respected in a male-dominated field. Just because she's a conservative, doesn't mean she isn't someone girls can't look up to. 

She works in a field that as we all know is very male-dominated and has still made a name for herself and is well respected. If she wasn’t, you wouldn't be seeing her on TV still [...] Why then do we tear down the woman who is doing exactly what you march for, just because they support someone that you don't? Tomi Lauren embodies everything that you marched for.

But many feminists argue just because Lahren is a "strong woman," doesn't mean she should be a role model. 

Lahren compared Black Lives Matters to the KKK and has made several racially charged―if not outright racist―comments. When Lahren was kicked off The Blaze for voicing her pro-choice stance, Aja Barber argued in Ravishly that feminists wouldn't be coming to her rescue. 

Not only is Lahren confusing in her views (or rather opportunistic), but she’s also got a lovely history with racism. Whether it’s: Calling Jay-Z a drug dealer and saying Beyonce was married to a drug dealer [or] Calling BLM the new KKK.
Lahren has been playing that game all along while making fun of women for marching — for EXACTLY the reasons she now finds herself in the unemployed line for...The harm that Lahren has done to other women has significantly outweighed my desire to stand with her now that the hand that feeds her has left her out, standing in the cold.

Sure, Lahren may be opinionated. But she is also an opportunist who has used her looks and racist commentary to make a name for herself―not exactly role model material.


Many still believe Tomi Lahren is someone young women should look up to.

But other's find the idea of Lahren being a role model laughable.

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