This news anchor is also a government spokesperson
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This news anchor is also a government spokesperson

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Sara Dayley is the new weekend anchor woman at KTVI in St. Louis. But she says her "#1 priority" will still be her job as public liaison for the West County EMS & Fire Protection District. She's a government spokesperson whose salary is tax-funded. 

KTVI says they will minimize conflict by not letting her co-host or read any stories related to the fire district. And on more general issues around government and taxing, "not everything you do works out.... We hope this will," said KTVI spokesperson Anne Elise Parks.

Is it possible for a news anchor to work for a government agency and still maintain the public's trust? Does #DisclosureWork to minimize a conflict of interest, especially with somebody who was previously an anchor? Or is this too much of a #NewsConflict? 

Maybe KTVI should get out ahead of this before it goes too far.

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The phrase "government spokesholes" goes a long way. For lots of people the dual role is a conflict of interest that can't be mitigated.
A KTVI spokesperson told the St. Louis Dispatch that the organization is going to go out of its way to ensure that Dayley isn't put in a compromising position.
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