The phrase "Bernie or Bust" is living up to its name
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The phrase "Bernie or Bust" is living up to its name

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In a critical New York Times opinion piece, columnist Paul Krugman says Bernie is making a political move that could ruin his legacy.

What is the move? 

Bernie is saying that the Democratic convention could be contested. If Hillary doesn't get enough votes, it will come down to the superdelegates and Bernie is saying he won't go down without a fight. 

"In the state of Washington, we won that caucus with almost 73 percent of the vote there — 73 percent of the vote. In anybody's opinion, that is a massive landslide. But at this point Secretary Clinton has 10 superdelegates from the state of Washington, we have zero," Sanders said, offering an example of a state where he won the popular vote but did not collect any superdelegates. "I would ask the superdelegates from the state of Washington to respect the wishes from the people in their state and the votes they have cast."

Bernie added: "In other words, it will be a contested convention."

Krugman and others say Bernie has fought the good fight but has to accept reality. Bernie could take his political good will and continue to have an influence on the Democratic party's future. But if he contests the convention, there will be no return. It could divide the party enough to hand the election to the GOP candidate and that's not a legacy you want to be remembered for.

At this point it’s as if Sanders is determined to validate everything liberal skeptics have been saying all along about his unwillingness to face reality — and all of it for, maybe, a few weeks of additional fundraising, at the expense of any future credibility and goodwill. Isn’t there anyone who can tell him to stop before it’s too late?

If you're a hardcore Bernie supporter then Krugman sounds like a Hillary operative and it signals that Bernie should push forward. If you agree with Krugman, however, that move would be the start of #BerniesBadEnd.

Is it smart to 'go big or go home' #StillSanders? OR is that a bad move that will be #BerniesBadEnd?

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Paul Krugman wrote an opinion piece that has captured the debate. It has stirred many reactions including this one below.
For many, this is a rallying cry.
Bernie supporters say it's about principles not politics. Even in the face of defeat, they want to take their ideals as far as they can.
After the NY primary even Bernie has to admit it's an uphill climb that requires the superdelegates to shift their vote.
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