Ted Cruz got trounced in the New York primary
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Ted Cruz got trounced in the New York primary

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How bad was Ted Cruz's New York primary night? He didn't win a single county, and lost to Ben Carson in one district. Ben Carson dropped out of the race nearly two months ago. 

Following the loss, the Associated Press says he's mathematically eliminated from the nomination during the first ballot at the convention. While some are calling for him to drop out - others who, desperately don't want Donald Trump, want Cruz to stay as long as possible. If Cruz stays, it could lead to a second ballot at the convention, and result in someone other than Trump as the nominee. 

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The numbers don't lie.
The GOP has been divided. There's a strong "anybody but Trump" faction that has rallied behind Cruz. Although Cruz himself is also a political outsider.
Strap up. Some are ready to make this a contested convention.
Trump supporters are ready for Cruz to drop out.
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