#TacoGate: Is Trump serious or just trolling for publicity?

#TacoGate: Is Trump serious or just trolling for publicity?

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To "honor" Cinco de Mayo, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted a photo of himself eating a taco bowl with the phrase "I love Hispanics!" The Internet immediately freaked out. Maybe that was Trump's exact intention. 

Is Trump serious? Or is he trolling?

Did Trump genuinely think a photograph of a taco bowl would help repair the serious breach between him and Hispanic voters? Or is he trolling Latino and left-wing communities to get free airtime and build support with his base, many of whom are xenophobic and anti-immigrant?

Time and time again, the candidate commits some gaffe that makes everyone gasp—but ends up rebounding to his advantage. Many times in this campaign, pundits say Trump has seriously stumbled (whether by criticizing former POW John McCain, retweeting white supremacist groups, or feuding with Fox anchor Megyn Kelly) only to see his approval numbers go up. Are these "gaffes" part of Trump's strategy to strengthen his support? He did just essentially capture the Republican nomination, so perhaps there is a method to his madness....

Or maybe Trump really is the verbal equivalent of a bull in the china shop? He says what is on his mind without too much thought about how it could land. 

Is #TrumpSerious or #TrumpTrolling?

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Some people think he's just this clueless about how his remarks will land.
Even the media admires his ability to grab the spotlight.
Others think Trump just stepped in it again.
It seems hard to believe he didn't realize his tweet would be offensive.
Some think he is consciously manipulating coverage with these outrage moments.
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