Does Susan Sarandon need to have a seat?
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Does Susan Sarandon need to have a seat?

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Actress, activist and Bernie Sanders surrogate Susan Sarandon kicked up a firestorm when she told The Guardian she doesn't regret calling Hillary Clinton "more dangerous" than Trump because "we would be at war" if Clinton had won. Many accuse Sarandon of white privilege and ignorance; they say her demonizing of Clinton helped Trump win. But progressives say she speaks the truth: Clinton was a corporate warmonger. Does Sarandon have a point, or should she have a seat? 💺

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After a year of living under Trump, some were just in complete shock.

But plenty of people applauded Sarandon for telling the truth, and say maybe Democrats should stop blaming progressives for Hillary's loss.

Chez Pazienza say Sarandon's latest declamation is just one more addition to a long list of her white privileged, ignorant statements, all made while ensconced in "the luxury of being insulated from catastrophe." 

Sarandon isn't by any means one of the "we" who'd go to war with any country. She'd watch news coverage of it with sadness and consternation from her $1.75 million Greenwich Village penthouse and from the treadmill at Equinox.

Critics said that if Sarandon were Mexican, Muslim, disabled or poor, she might realize Trump has actually already declared war: just not on rich white actors who LARP as socialist revolutionaries for fun.

But many progressives, including many Jill Stein supporters, saw a vote for Clinton as no different than a vote for Trump. They point to how many people Obama, a supposedly liberal Democrat, deported and droned. Why would his Secretary of State have been any different? 

Her supporters say centrists and the Democratic establishment want to shout down Susan Sarandon because she tells the truth about their corporatist candidates. At least Trump told the truth about who he was.

Others say this is the kind of shallow, privileged lifestyle feminism that led to Trump's win. They want Sarandon to admit that she was wrong, and say that if she really cared about women, people of color or the environment, she would have supported Hillary against Trump.

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