Should we replace Medicare with private insurance?
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Should we replace Medicare with private insurance?

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In an interview with Fox News, House Speaker Paul Ryan said now that Donald Trump has been elected, the GOP can phase out Medicare and replace it with private insurance. Privatizing Medicare is one of Ryan's major policy goals. With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, that goal is now possible. Should Medicare be replaced? Read more and vote below! 

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Many point out private insurance companies have no profit incentive for ensuring seniors, and would likely only do so at exorbitant rates that many could not afford. Phasing out Medicare would result in phasing out healthcare for millions of Americans.

Others say the program is in terrible shape and needs reform.

Policy experts are pushing back hard on Ryan's claim that Medicare is going broke—in fact, Obamacare actually extended Medicare's solvency for the next 11 years.

Many say Ryan's term "privatize" is a dangerous euphemism for what he wants to do to Medicare, one that the media should not adopt. According to editor Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo:  

You'll hear lots of people calling this "reform" and other catchwords. But Medicare is a single payer, universal health care system. Replacing it with private insurance means getting rid of it. Even calling it "privatization" masks what is really afoot.

But many Americans are opposed to any sort of national health care system, even one for the poor or the elderly. Many people argue private enterprise will always be able to distribute benefits better than any government entity.

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