Should the DNC offer Bernie Sanders concessions at the July convention?
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Should the DNC offer Bernie Sanders concessions at the July convention?

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As the Democratic primary race  between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders grows uglier, Democratic National Committee officials have reached out to Sanders to offer concessions in hopes of heading off strife and even violence at the convention in July. 

Should the DNC give Sanders what he wants at the convention? Or would they be appeasing what many consider threatening demands?

Sanders plans to demand concessions at the convention on key planks of the Democratic platform, like the minimum wage and the party's stance on Palestine. He and his officials are angry that Clinton supporters like Barney Frank and Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy are heading important committees at the convention. He threatens to make trouble in Philadelphia if more of his loyalists aren't given seats on the platform, rules and credentials committees

Many Democratic chairmen urged DNC leaders to give Sanders the concessions he seeks, in order to allow his constituency a visible seat at the table. Other Democrats are disgusted with what they see as Sanders' strong-arming behavior — pointing out that he's never even been a Democrat.

What do you think: #AppeaseBernie or #ScrewBernie?

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Many Democrats are asking why the loser of the contest would be allowed to dictate terms at the convention.
Other progressives are urging that the DNC work with Sanders in order to heal the strife of the primary and bring his supporters into the process.
And plenty of Sanders supporters argue this isn't arm-twisting: with 10 million votes, he's earned the right to make demands of the DNC.
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