Should House Speaker Paul Ryan step down?
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Should House Speaker Paul Ryan step down?

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Trump loyalists are attacking Paul Ryan for the botched rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act, and say the House Speaker never really believed in the president's agenda. Loyalists say Ryan is undermining Trump and should step aside for someone who is actually willing to work with the president. Ryan's supporters say the criticism is unwarranted because the healthcare bill was made in collaboration with White House. What do you think?

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The public reaction to Ryan's replacement has been hugely negative. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is projecting 24 million people will lose their insurance under the new plan. Breitbart writers and other Trump loyalists are calling on Ryan to resign for bringing "Obamacare-lite" to the table, despite having years to craft a replacement. Some are speculating Ryan is trying to undermine Trump with the legislation—recently a tape surfaced in which Ryan said he would not defend Trump "not now, not in the future."

Here is the situation. Already we’re seeing a concerted effort to replace the appellation “Trumpcare” with the new and blame-shifting “Ryancare.” At Breitbart, deep, deep, deep Trump and Bannon insider Matt Boyle is floating the idea that Speaker Ryan actually duped President Trump into buying in on the AHCA. The Washington Post wrote late Tuesday that Trump “loyalists” are warning the President to distance himself from it. Laura Ingraham said it’s a “trap” laid by congressional Republicans (read: Paul Ryan) to sabotage Trump in 2020. These are pretty big signs.

Paul Ryan is in an impossible situation and he'll soon find himself without any friends in the White House. He's had his chance, now he should let someone else take the reins. 

Mr. Speaker, you didn’t even want this job. And now you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong plan. I suggest that there’s no reason to stay there and take all the heat for the entire GOP, all your colleagues, and the administration (which has had a direct hand in crafting this legislation). Leave and let what will be, be. Let the Trump wave hit every shore. They want to show us how they would do things. Let them. And not for nothing, but it’s what the electorate voted for anyway.

However, Paul Ryan is pushing back and says the bill was made in collaboration with the White House. 

“Now that we have our score from the CBO, that’s something that we were waiting for, now that we’ve got it we’ve got room to make refinements. Obviously the major components are staying intact, because this is something we wrote with President Trump, this is something we wrote with the Senate committees,” Ryan told Fox Business. “This is the plan we ran on all of last year, this is the plan that we’ve been working — House, Senate, White House — together on.”

Senior House aides defended Paul Ryan and his legislation by arguing to the Huffington Post that Senate Republicans and some Congressional Republicans don't actually want to see Obamacare repealed and replaced. They maintain Ryan's bill is the best chance Republicans have at getting the bill through the House. 

“The focus of House leadership has been more about getting a bill out of the House that is unchanged and in keeping with the Better Way plan, instead of truly seeing to potential roadblocks that exist in the House and Senate,” one GOP House member told The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

Even though Trump loyalists are on the attack, Ryan is ultimately answerable to his constituents and to House Republicans. Trump's supporters all have their own agenda. Paul Ryan has his.

Post by Martin Robillard.

But the most vocal crowd calling on Ryan to step down are Trump supporters. The president's supporters are angry—especially after the leaked audio of Ryan saying he'll never support Trump. 

Post by Pj Degross.
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