Should California secede from the United States?
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Should California secede from the United States?

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Activists continue their efforts to push California to secede from the U.S. after earlier attempts fizzled out. Proponents say California is headed in a different political direction than the rest of the United States. Instead of being beholden to a government that takes more funds from California than it gives back, the state should chart its own path. Others think that's a horrible idea. Californians should remain in the U.S. and help make the country a better place. What do you think? 🇺🇸

The Votes Are In!

Some progressive Californians want to see the state chart its own path now that Trump is president. California has the largest population of any state, yet doesn't have the influence it should on national politics. Instead of fighting an uphill battle for things like marijuana legalization, gay rights, and other liberal policies, Californians could just decide for themselves and dump the baggage the rest of the U.S. brings.

Economically, the state would be fine. California is the sixth largest economy in the world. It's an agricultural powerhouse, has some of the most active ports in the U.S. and is home to tech giants like Google and Facebook. To be honest, the United States needs California more than California needs the United States.

Steve Gonzalez of the California Freedom Coalition has said:

“We feel that California has been neglected and left out of the political process for many many decades,” Gonzales said. “With current politics the way they are, clearly there’s a recognition that many in the United States have disdain for Californians. They call us ‘out of control.’ So this is a time for us to take back those tax dollars and really unleash the potential California has.”

But others say seceding from the U.S. is a juvenile idea. Instead of wasting time to try to make that happen, people who want California to leave the U.S. should work to make the country a better place. First off, states cannot secede from the United States. This idea was put to the test during the Civil War, and we all know how that ended.

Progressives who want to separate from Trump's America should realize that without California, the U.S. would become even more conservative. Democrats would probably never gain a majority in the House again, and would likely never win the electoral college without California's 55 votes.

As Kyle Smith argues in the New York Post:

If anyone should love an actual California secession, it’s Republicans. Take away California, and Trump would have won the popular vote by over a million votes instead of losing by nearly three million. Take away California, and the GOP increases its electoral college margin by 55 votes, its Senate margin by two seats and its House margin by 24 seats.
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