Sanders supporters push #DropOutHillary
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Sanders supporters push #DropOutHillary

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Bernie Sanders' hopes of securing the Democratic nomination are very small, but his win in yesterday's Indiana primary reinvigorated his supporters. 

Despite Clinton's decisive lead in votes, pledged delegates, and superdelegates — Bernie supporters are demanding that she drop out partially as a response to #DropOutBernie. Also, some argue Clinton should drop out because she's under FBI investigation.

Are these fair reasons to ask the lead candidate to drop out? Or is it time for Sanders' supporters to accept Clinton as the candidate?

Mostly, it looks as though #DropOutHillary followers want her to drop out because they don't like her and don't want to be president – which isn't really how democratic elections work.

What do you think: Is #DropOutHillary reasonable or ridiculous?

The Votes Are In!
Some pro-Hillary commenters found humor in the hashtag.
Many proponents of Clinton dropping out cite her ongoing FBI investigation.
Most #DropOutHillary commenters dislike her policies and think her nomination will sow serious division on the left.
Critics of the #DropOutHillary argued that it's illogical to demand that the winner drop out because you don't support her candidacy.
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