RNC spring meeting results in zero changes to convention rules
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RNC spring meeting results in zero changes to convention rules

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The Republican National Committee met Thursday in Florida to discuss possible changes to the GOP convention rules. 

The Republican establishment has been trying to block frontrunner Donald Trump from securing the 1,237 delegates  he needs for the nomination,  so the grassroots were wary of any rule changes that could open the door to other establishment-approved candidates. But all motions to change the rules failed:  committee members said they felt like they were under heavy scrutiny. 

Is the GOP trying to be fair and transparent? Or are they just afraid of Trump and his threat of riots?

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People definitely saw the outcome of the meeting as favorable to Trump.
Many Trump supporters were watching carefully for any sign of foul play that would harm their candidate.
A lot of conservatives are deeply distrustful of the entire nomination process.
Still others said the rules have been clear from the beginning, and no one is stealing votes from Trump.
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