Is President Trump trustworthy?
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Is President Trump trustworthy?

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Senator Bob Corker said President Trump was "utterly untruthful" after Trump claimed Corker wouldn't be seeking reelection because Trump "refused to endorse him." Corker is not alone in accusing Trump of being untrustworthy, the president has a history of making questionable—and outright false—statements. But supporters of Trump argue he is trustworthy, and it is the media and politicians who are trying to paint him as a liar. What do you think?

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The feud between President Trump and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker was reignited after Corker accused the president of being untruthful. Trump was quick to fire off a series of Tweets attacking Corker.

In response to the onslaught from the president, Corker fired off a single Tweet referring to earlier comments he had made about the White House having become "an adult day care center."

Corker then told CNN that the president "has difficulty with the truth."

According to Politifact, 69 percent of statements made by the president are either false, mostly false or "pants on fire" lies.


And some believe there is a consensus among both Democrats and Republicans that the president cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

But Trump's defenders believe it is the media and politicians who are untrustworthy and trying to smear the president. 

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