Would you rather have Dennis Rodman or Donald Trump handle North Korea?
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Would you rather have Dennis Rodman or Donald Trump handle North Korea?

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It's becoming increasingly possible that President Trump may walk us into an accidental war with North Korea. But what if we put someone with more experience in charge—like Dennis Rodman. Rodman's been to North Korea several times and has maintained a strong friendship with Kim Jong Un. Meanwhile, Trump promised North Korea would "be met with fire and fury," and continues to taunt Kim Jong Un on Twitter. Who do you trust more to deal with North Korea? 🇰🇵

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Dennis Rodman is the only American who has met Kim Jong Un, and they're actually friends. They hit it off while watching a basketball game together during Rodman's first visit. Since then he's been back several times, sang karaoke with the dictator and has even held Kim's baby daughter.

Besides that, he's one of the few calm voices on North Korea. Nuclear expert Siegfried Hecker told The Washington Post:

The real threat is stumbling into an inadvertent nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula by misunderstanding or miscalculation. Inflammatory rhetoric on both sides will make that more likely. It’s time to tone down the rhetoric.

Who better to repair relations with North Korea and open a diplomatic channel than Dennis Rodman? Crazier things have happened... 


But Trump's supporters say he's bucking the failed policy that has led America into this situation. Had past presidents handled the situation with force instead of kicking the problem down the road, we wouldn't be here today.

Trump is signaling loud and clear to North Korea that the status quo which allowed them to develop nuclear weapons no longer exists. Instead of waiting for North Korea to further develop its nuclear arsenal and ICBM capabilities, Trump is taking action. The UN has already imposed sanctions that will cost North Korea roughly $1 billion. 

In a 1999 Meet the Press interview, Trump gives a clear explanation of how he would handle North Korea. He has a strategy and we're seeing it play out. 

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