Should President Trump delete his Twitter account?
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Should President Trump delete his Twitter account?

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No politician has weaponized Twitter like President Trump. He even said, "I think that maybe I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Twitter." Some argue his tweets violate democratic norms and threaten national security; Twitter was even forced to respond to accusations that Trump violated their terms of service. But his supporters say Twitter lets him circumvent a dishonest media to engage directly with the American public. What do you think?📱

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Many have urged President Trump to delete his Twitter account, citing national security concerns. But doesn't the president have a right to free speech? Twitter arguably handed Trump the presidency.

Twitter has allowed President Trump to drive the political conversation and dominate the news cycle, from the primaries until now. Why would he give something up that has been such an effective tool for him?

Others argue Trump's Twitter behavior have dangerous implications that could do serious damage on a global scale. Jennifer Grygiel argues in Slate that Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey ought to intervene:

What if he loses his temper and says something that is perceived as a military threat, even if he just intends it as empty bombast? Or what if someone hacked his account and tweeted that we were about to, say, bomb an ally? We already know that Trump’s tweets can move financial markets. Do we really want to find out if they can scramble fighter jets?

As Trump continues to threaten North Korea in inflammatory tweets, many began urging Twitter to ban the president from the platform for violating their terms of service (and to prevent possible nuclear war).

Others believe Twitter should ban the president for hate speech.

But Twitter chose not to suspend President Trump from the platform, citing "newsworthiness" and a commitment to transparency among other reasons.

But after actor Rose McGowan was temporarily banned from Twitter for violating their rules when she used her platform to tweet about Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct, she asked why Trump's account appears to get preferential treatment. 

Others applaud the president's tweets. They see all of these tweets as a necessary tactic in a war with the media.

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