Who gave the best political rant of 2017: Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson?

Who gave the best political rant of 2017: Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson?

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The rise of the Internet saw the advent of the viral political rant, and 2017 may have been the best year yet for political commentators to unleash their fury. As the year comes to an end, we want Tylters to decide who had the best take down of them all. Sean Hannity's show is consistently the most-watched cable news program with around 3.2 million viewers tuning in each night. But Tucker Carlson, previously known for his bow ties, has stepped up as one of 2017's conservative heavy-hitters. Who's your favorite? 🗣

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To many, 2017 has been the year of political opinions. Everyone—from athletes to actors to country singers—has had something to say about the current political climate. But it has also given politicos the chance to shine and unleash their greatest political rants to date.

Political personalities on both ends of the spectrum have seized the moment, becoming rock stars in their own right as politics take center stage. From seasoned commentators to rising stars, The Tylt wants to know who you think delivered the best political rant of 2017.

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Love him or hate him, Sean Hannity has the most-watched cable news program as of October 2017. An ardent defender of President Trump, Hannity is never afraid to say what others won't, and that recently landed him in hot water when he was accused of making excuses for Roy Moore's alleged abuse of underage girls.

Hannity joined Fox News in 1996 and has since risen to the top of the network. A radio host and bestselling author, Hannity is somewhat of a multimedia superstar in the world of politics, and in the era of Trump, Hannity has only strengthened his reputation within conservative circles.

One of Hannity's best politirage moments came in the form of a takedown of "establishment" Republicans who refused to support President Trump. Hannity held nothing back when called never-Trump Republicans "pathetic, weak, gutless [and] spineless." Hannity went on to refer to "little snowflake whiny" Jeff Flake, and criticized Bob Corker and John McCain for bashing the president instead of doing their jobs in the Senate.

"Here's a simple truth. All three of these guys, they're inept, they're ineffective, they have completely failed to deliver on the promises that they made to their constituents and you the American people for years. These guys have accomplished nothing, and others like Ben Sasse too. And you know what? All they're doing here is standing in the way of enacting an agenda to help move the country forward. What the people voted for last November. 
They're trying to be martyrs in the process. You want to be martyrs? You guys go right ahead. Here's my answer to all of you tonight: good riddance, happy trails, don't let the door hit you on the way out of town."

Watch the full rant below:

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Tucker Carlson has also risen to the occasion under President Trump. The Fox News anchor stepped back onto the scene in 2017 bow tie-free, and with it, a huge boost in ratings. Carlson has been a cable news talking head for 20 years, but since he took over the Monday night slot previously held by Megyn Kelly, Carlson's popularity has surged.

Before joining Fox News, Carlson was the youngest anchor in CNN's history where he hosted "Crossfire." Carlson then moved to MSNBC where he was canceled after three seasons due to low ratings. But since joining the Fox News team, Carlson has blossomed and ascended as one of the most-watched anchors on cable news, topping the list in May 2017. 

One of Carlson's greatest politirage moments came in the form of a takedown of Hollywood elites pushing their liberalism onto Americans during the Emmy Awards. Carlson criticized actors Issa Rae and Donald Glover for their "race hostility" and attacks on President Trump. Carlson argued the awards show "came closer to political indoctrination than entertainment."

"Last night's show also exposed something else. Many of America's most famous artists aren't really artists... they're hacks. Their shows are dumb. Their art is crap. They're not impressive. John Oliver's weekly sanctimony fest won Best Variety Series? In what world? An utterly distorted world. A place warped by ideology where political imperative supersedes art.
Politics never improves art. It only corrupts art. Turning free thinkers into robots and beauty into propaganda." 

Watch the full rant below:

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