Who gave the best political rant of 2017: Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper?

Who gave the best political rant of 2017: Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper?

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The rise of the Internet saw the advent of the viral political rant, and 2017 may have been the best year yet for political commentators to unleash their fury. As the year comes to an end, we want Tylters to decide who had the best take down of them all. Rachel Maddow helped MSNBC hit record ratings with her no-nonsense approach to the Trump administration. But CNN's Anderson Cooper has also grown into one of America's most beloved news anchors. Who's your favorite? 🗣

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To many, 2017 has been the year of political opinions. Everyone—from athletes to actors to country singers—has had something to say about the current political climate. But it has also given politicos the chance to shine and unleash their greatest political rants to date.

Political personalities on both ends of the spectrum have seized the moment, becoming rock stars in their own right as politics take center stage. From seasoned commentators to rising stars, The Tylt wants to know who you think delivered the best political rant of 2017.

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While she is in no way new to the political scene, Rachel Maddow has risen to the top of the politirage game in the era of Trump. Doing her best to cut through the chaos of the Trump administration, while simultaneously avoiding Trump's all-too-tempting tweets, Maddow has proven herself to be the news anchor America needs.

Maddow launched her show nearly a decade ago as an "openly-gay Rhodes scholar" who went from being a radio host on Air America Radio to anchoring the "number-one prime-time news program on cable television" helping MSNBC hit record-high ratings.

One of Maddow's greatest moments from 2017 was her monologue in which she outlined the ways Trump was failing so soon into his presidency. From the resignation of Mike Flynn to his botched travel ban, Maddow didn't hold back as she proclaimed this is "what it looks like when a president fails" mocking Trump's assertion that his administration was running like a "fined-tuned machine."

"The personnel debacles and the serious scandals that already attend to this less than one month old presidency are really, and without hyperbole, are unlike anything that we have ever seen at the start of a presidential term... [and] today, as the president proclaimed how 'finely-tuned' his machine is, as he crowed about how perfectly everything has rolled out thus far, including that Muslim ban, today that too, his first policy initiative... completely fell apart.
Nobody wants to see the United States of America fail, but if you want to know what it looks like when a president fails, in every conceivable way, in every conceivable measure, this is what it looks like when a president fails in every way."
Watch the full rant below:

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But CNN's Anderson Cooper has also made a huge splash in the politirage world. From his infamous eye-rolling to this touching tribute to his brother who committed suicide, it is no wonder Cooper is the most-watched anchor on CNN.

After spending years as a correspondent for ABC News, Cooper became the anchor of Anderson Cooper 360 in 2003. As President Trump continues to attack CNN, deeming the organization "fake news," Copper is one of the anchors who has truly risen above the noise.

Cooper's best rant of 2017 came when he castigated President Trump for exploiting John Kelly's deceased son to protect himself from accusations of not calling the families of the fallen soldiers in Niger. Cooper called out the president's history of insulting veterans and Gold Star families, claiming it gives him no right to evoke the death of Kelly's son as an excuse for his lies.

President Obama like presidents Bush, Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Reagan and others before them, honored the fallen in many ways: phone calls, letters, witnessing caskets coming home, visiting the wounded. They did so frequently, often without bringing reporters along. None of them, Republicans and Democrats alike, wanted it to be about themselves. Until now.   
As we've seen so many times before, this president, in his mind, simply cannot be wrong. And that gives him license, it seems, for a lie. It allows him to stand in front of the CIA's Wall of the Fallen to re-litigate inauguration crowd size. It lets him insult a Gold Star family, the Khans, who lost their son, killed in Iraq. It allows him to say John McCain's not a hero because he was captured. Never mind that after he was captured, John McCain was held captive and tortured for six years and can barely raise his arms because of it.

Watch the full rant below:

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