Newt Gingrich .... Vice President?
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Newt Gingrich .... Vice President?

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It's that time of the political season where tea leaves are being read and a lot of signs point to Newt Gingrich as Donald Trump's running mate in the 2016 presidential election.

From the National Review

"Gingrich has, in effect, launched his own campaign to secure the nomination. 'I think Newt is lobbying to be vice president, and I think their people are paying a lot of attention to him,' says Ed Rollins, a Republican operative and former Gingrich staffer now working for a super PAC supporting Trump's candidacy."

The two politicians have a lot in common. They both know how to work the media and have at times ruffled the feathers of establishment Republicans. Oh, and between the two of them, a Trump/Gingrich ticket would have six ex-wives.

Newt is considered a genuine "ideas-based" conservative and has experience in politics that would seemingly temper Trump's otherwise uncouth style. Also, Gingrich has battled with the Clintons before. All of this points to him being a good running mate. At the same time, a Trump/Gingrich ticket could turn into a circus show, with the running mates unable to stay on message or in tune with each other. Then again, maybe a circus show is how campaigns are meant to run these days. 

What do you think: #NewtVP or #NoNewt?

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Confirmation that Newt is on the "shortlist."
So, there's a lot not to like about Newt. Here's a short list of attacks you can expect if Newt is chosen as a running mate.
Newt would make a good attack dog for Trump.
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