Is Mitt Romney a Republican?
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Is Mitt Romney a Republican?

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Mitt Romney hasn't held back in his criticism of the Republican Party. Romney called then-candidate Trump a "con man" and "a fake" and denounced the president when he refused to condemn white supremacists in Charlottesville. As Republicans throw their support behind alleged child molester Roy Moore, Romney warned "no majority is worth losing our honor." Some believe Romney is the Republican Party's last hope, but others argue he is nothing more than a RINO (Republican in name only). What do you think?

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Mitt Romney was one of the few Republicans who urged the party not to support alleged child molester Roy Moore for Senate.

In response, former counselor to the president Steve Bannon launched an attack on Romney at a rally for Roy Moore.

"Judge Roy Moore has more honor and integrity in his pinky finger than your entire family."

And Moore called Romney a coward.

Some Republicans jumped to Romney's defense.

Other's applauded him, claiming Romney was right to call out wrongdoings within his own party.

But some believe Romney is hardly a Republican at all...

...arguing he is a Democrat in disguise.

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