Megyn Kelly will have an exclusive interview with Donald Trump
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Megyn Kelly will have an exclusive interview with Donald Trump

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Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have not always seen eye-to-eye. Their feud began after Kelly grilled Trump during an early GOP debate about his attitudes toward women. Their back-and-forth spilled over into more tension between Fox News and the Trump campaign. 

According to Kelly, the two met privately at Trump Towards to clear the air and discuss a possible sit-down. And now Kelly has announced that the exclusive interview will air May 17 on Fox News, with some parts of the extended interview to be aired on her show, "The Kelly File."

Both are well respected in conservative circles and neither is known to back down from a fight. So who will come out on top if they clash? 

Will we see #KillerKelly or will #TrumpTop the interview?

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An interview with Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump before it was official that he was going to run for the GOP nomination.
After the first debate Trump tore into Megyn Kelly and called her a "lightweight" and said he doesn't respect her.
In a debate, Kelly used video evidence to corner Trump as a "flip flopper."
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