Should NBC cancel Megyn Kelly?
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Should NBC cancel Megyn Kelly?

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After spending 12 years at Fox News, followed by a failed Sunday show, Megyn Kelly's new morning show "Megyn Kelly Today" has been continuously met with criticism. Many are calling on NBC to cancel her show, and NBC insiders are apparently worried "Megyn Kelly Today" will be another flop. But others feel Megyn Kelly is being unfairly targeted by both the left and the right, and people ought to give her new show a fair shot. What do you think? 🤷

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Since leaving Fox News, Megyn Kelly has had a rough time adjusting to her new role at NBC. She launched her first post-Fox show, "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly," which was canceled after only eight episodes. The show was met with fierce opposition when Kelly made the controversial decision to interview Alex Jones, InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist, who was responsible for pushing the theory that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax—among other tasteless lies.

Kelly's new show "Megyn Kelly Today" has apparently had NBC insiders worried from the very first episode, fearing she may not be able to recover from her previous television failures.

In The Guardian, Jake Nevins writes Kelly's failure to find success at NBC is due in part to her inability to reinvent herself as a non-political person despite spending the last decade in politics.

Watching Megyn Kelly Today, one can so clearly see its host attempt to expunge that past self. She says, repeatedly, that she isn’t a political person, wasn’t raised in a political household, and was dismayed, throughout 2016, at how darn political everything came to be. (“Politics has become like race, you can’t talk about it at all,” she told Ellen Degeneres.) That Kelly spent over a decade ginning up anger over both politics and race is, apparently, a moot point.
If she thought that by switching to a more liberal network she might acquire new fans, she must have forgotten that, at her old network, she used chunks of airtime to insist the death of Eric Garner had nothing to do with race.

PageSix put together a compilation of Megyn Kelly's most cringeworthy moments, including her homophobic comments to the cast of "Will & Grace" and her plastic surgery gaffe with Jane Fonda. 

But others think Megyn Kelly is being unfairly attacked. She used her platform to sharply denounced Bill O'Reilly after it was revealed he paid former Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl $32 million to settle sexual harassment allegations.

And Megyn Kelly's former colleagues have shared their support of her new show.

And others believe people should give Kelly's show a fair shot.

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