Should the media use the word 'racist' to describe Trump?
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Should the media use the word 'racist' to describe Trump?

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At an event honoring Native American veterans, President Trump called Senator Elizabeth Warren "Pocohontas" (again). Many groups, including Native American organizations, critiqued Trump's use of a racial slur; and some demand the media label him a racist. But many respected journalists argue that putting labels on speech by any public figure risks editorialization—the media should report what the president does, and the public can decide for themselves whether Trump is racist. What do you think?

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President Trump has habitually referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. The senator came under fire in 2012 after it emerged that, during her academic career, she identified herself as having Native American roots (she does not). Trump's supporters say Warren is the one people should be angry at.

Slate's Jamelle Bouie says the media needs to stop tiptoeing around the word.

"At a certain point we have to take the actions of groups of people, of voters of politicians, and apply to them the labels that fit. I see a reluctance around that when it comes to the president, the president’s supporters, and racism.”

 But others argue the press needs to strive for the utmost in neutrality. If they start telling people what to think, they're not doing their job.

The Columbia Journalism Review offered many perspectives on why journalists are and should be hesitant to use the word 'racist' to describe public figures, but ended up concurring that the label suits Trump. His racism is fact, not opinion.

Trump’s history of racism is long and well documented. Opinion writers and columnists have long felt free to label Trump’s words for what they are.....It's time for reporters to do the same.

Others said the entire discussion was ridiculous—Trump used the name of a famous Native American woman,  how can that in itself be racist? White House secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed out that, if anything, Elizabeth Warren should be under fire for claiming Native heritage when she doesn't have any.

Others say the media is not actually telling the truth if they don't label Trump for what he is.

But the Daily Wire says labeling Trump racist is just more liberal media smear. They're not even trying to appear objective, just pushing "the false left-wing and Democrat narrative."

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