Should Mark Cuban run for president?
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Should Mark Cuban run for president?

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Mark Cuban and Donald Trump are longtime frenemies, and the billionaire entrepreneur has floated the possibility of challenging Trump in 2020. Some have welcomed the prospect of President Cuban. As a fellow billionaire-businessman-turned-celebrity, Cuban might be just what the country needs to defeat Trump. But others find a Cuban bid laughable. He is no Trump, and the country should get behind experienced politicians in 2020. What do you think?

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In a Fox News interview, billionaire entrepreneur Cuban told Harvey Levin about his political aspirations, and alluded to a possible 2020 presidential bid.

“I wouldn’t run unless I have solutions,” he said. “If I have solutions, then I have something to offer. If I don’t, you won’t see me anywhere near being a politician.”

This is not the first time Cuban has thrown out the possibility of challenging Trump for the presidency. While Cuban was initially supportive of Trump at the onset of the 2016 race, the two ultimately had a falling out and Cuban accused the president of being ill-informed on the issues.

Cuban had expressed this concern by publicly calling Trump a “jagoff” who got “stupider before your eyes.” Trump, in turn, called Cuban “dopey,” “not smart” and worse. Their Twitter feud became a sort of symbol for an infamously divisive election.

But the feud between Trump and Cuban existed long before the election, and many believe the rivalry between the two men could come to head in the 2020 election.

Win or lose, it would mark the end of a legend — an old friendship shattered in a few short years. But Trump and Cuban have been feuding, making up and feuding again for much longer than a single election cycle. They’ve spent most of the 21st century mocking each other’s appearance, intelligence and success and trading insults and dares in a 13-year public war that revolved around their reality TV shows long before either man aspired to the White House.

But not everyone thinks Mark Cuban would make such a good presidential contender. Many believe the tech billionaire is too similar to Trump, known for his Tweeting and reality television persona. Cuban has also flip-flopped countlessly, from praising Trump to attacking him, and while he ultimately endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, he told Harvey Levin he would "probably" run as a Republican.

A month after Trump first announced his latest bid for the White House [...] Cuban did an about-face when he took to social media to praise Trump’s nascent presidential campaign as “probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long long time.”
Cuban further stoked the flames of what appeared to be a growing bromance between himself and Trump later that month, when the Shark Tank star told the media that he would “consider” running as Trump’s vice-presidential running mate if he were asked. 

Many believe a Cuban candidacy would be a viable opponent to Trump given his similar credentials.

But others find Cuban's political aspirations laughable. Trump's supporters have no interest in a President Cuban, and they believe the billionaire would be trounced in 2020.

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