Kasich and Cruz  join forces to block Trump
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Kasich and Cruz join forces to block Trump

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Republican presidential candidates John Kasich and Ted Cruz announced Sunday that their campaigns will join forces to block front-runner Donald Trump. Trump needs 1,237 delegates to clinch the Republican nomination; to prevent him from reaching that number, Kasich and Cruz will not compete with each other in the upcoming Indiana, New Mexico, and Oregon primaries. 

Kasich will now focus on winning the Western states. Cruz is ceding New Mexico and Oregon to Kasich and concentrating all his resources on winning in Indiana. Is the Kasich/Cruz plan wise? Or a major error?

Some Republicans are applauding this move, saying a Trump nomination would doom the GOP's chances in 2016. But other political observers warn that openly blocking Trump could seriously backfire with the grassroots, who could see the plan as a back-room maneuver to override the people's choice.

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Conservative commentator/ Trump supporter Lou Dobbs was openly disgusted with the move.
Many Republicans said the plan was typical "dirty politics" from the establishment.
Other Republicans pointed out Trump's high unfavorable ratings, arguing he could never win in the general election.
Conservatives who think Trump is a disaster for the party supported the plan.
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