Ted Cruz drops out after Indiana primary
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Ted Cruz drops out after Indiana primary

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Tuesday night's Indiana primary was Ted Cruz's last battle in the fight for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump was leading in the polls, but now the real estate mogul is the presumptive Republican nominee.

Even though he had zero chance of winning the nomination, Cruz claimed he would stay in the presidential race in order to block Trump from getting more delegates. He was hoping to force a contested Republican convention, but after last night's lost, Cruz threw in the towel.

Leading up to the Indiana primary we asked Tylt voters if Ted Cruz should give it up and drop out if he loses. Leading up to the primary the voting was clear. And shortly after the Indiana results came out - Cruz responded by announcing his campaign was over.

The Votes Are In!
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck used a "Lord of the Rings"/Balrog analogy to explain why he thought Cruz should stay in.
Political mastermind David Axelrod thought it looked pretty hopeless for Cruz.
Cruz's blocking strategy didn't go over well with GOP voters, who saw it more as dirty politics.
Eric Erickson argued Cruz needed to stay in the race, if only so he could've influenced the writing of the Republican platform at the convention (and just in case Trump stumbled).
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