Is Paul Ryan running for president?
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Is Paul Ryan running for president?

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Speaker Paul Ryan says he has no interest in running for president – but some question if that's true. Recently, Ryan made a trip to Israel, and also apologized for once referring to welfare-recipients as 'takers.' Observers say these are the sort of steps that someone who is considering running for president might take. 

So is he going to run?

The fact that he recently passed up on an opportunity to endorse Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, still leaves a window open for him to run. If Ryan did throw his hat into the ring, it could turn into a contested GOP convention. He is one of the few GOP members with enough clout to stop Trump. 

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When asked, Ryan point blank said he wasn't ready to endorse Trump.
If Ryan did enter the race, Trump supporters would most likely cry foul. Trump beat over a dozen politicians to earn the top GOP spot.
Former congressman turned talk show radio host — Joe Walsh.
It's in the back of everyone's mind.
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