Are government regulations bad for America?
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Are government regulations bad for America?

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Getting rid of government regulations was a centerpiece of Donald Trump's campaign, and he's already signed an executive order that requires federal agencies to cut two existing regulations for every one they implement. He and other conservatives argue government regulation hampers business and harms job growth. But others insist Wall Street and corporate America must be regulated to safeguard our economy, protect our environment, and defend the rights of all citizens. What do you think? 📈

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The president just held a ceremony in which he used a pair of gold scissors to cut a giant piece of red tape. President Trump argues we need to roll back regulations in order to create jobs and stimulate economic growth.

“This is what we have now,” the president said, gesturing toward stacks of paper that appeared to be more than 6 feet tall. “This is where we were in 1960,” he continued, this time motioning toward much smaller, shin-high stacks of paper. Both stacks were connected by ceremonial red tape from the bottom of one stack to the top of the other. Reporters could not tell what was actually on the papers.

No one likes regulations, just like no one likes going to the DMV. But we can't just leave it up to the free market to make sure drivers have licenses, food doesn't contain poison, or bankers don't take risks that threaten the global economy. Many think government regulation is an occasionally annoying but a necessary aspect of living in a capitalist society.

What Trump calls "job-killing regulations" others call "life-saving protections."

Do fantasy sports really needs to be regulated? Should little kids need licenses to run lemonade stands? Should the government care if people want to sunbathe topless? With the numerous crises facing our nation, many people just want the government to get out of the way. We need to make it easier for people to start businesses, not more difficult.

Government, at every level — federal, state, and local — is, with increasing regularity, inserting itself into every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s our bedroom, our wallet, our medicine cabinet, or our refrigerator, there seems no area of our life that lawmakers don’t believe it is their business to regulate according to their morals, judgment, preferences, or whims.

On the other hand: exploding coal mines, children dying in daycare centers, deadly fires in high-rise buildings and rampant sexual harassment in the workplace are pretty good arguments that American businesses need some sort of regulation.

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