Was George W. Bush a better president than Donald Trump?
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Was George W. Bush a better president than Donald Trump?

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George W. Bush left office with a dismal 22 percent approval rating, so unpopular that he wasn't even invited to his own party's convention in 2008. But Bush has enjoyed a minor renaissance of late after speaking out against bigotry and white supremacy in a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump. Others say Bush doesn't deserve rehabilitation after destabilizing the Middle East. For many, Bush will always be America's worst president, and Trump is the superior leader. What do you think?

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Former President George W. Bush appeared to criticize President Trump during his speech at the George W. Bush Institute. The former president spoke out firmly against bullying, bigotry and white supremacy, among other critical remarks that seemed directly aimed at Trump.

Almost each of these quotes has some connection to Trump. “Conspiracy theories and fabrications?” Check and check. “Nationalism and nativism?” Check. A “degraded discourse?” Big check. “Bigotry and white supremacy?” Trump was criticized for not calling them out strongly enough in Charlottesville. “Bullying?” Huge check. Not “living up to civic values?” Check, definitely.

The recent remarks from the former president have many longing for the days of President Bush. Despite all his problems, Bush was, at the very least, not a Nazi sympathizer. 

And even those who consider Bush to be one of the worst presidents in U.S. history still consider him better than Trump.

But others argue Bush led to the loss of far more human life than Trump has. Trump may be unpresidential, but he hasn't led us into war (yet).

And some believe the former president is just jealous of Trump's success. 

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