Former Facebook workers say conservative news is suppressed on the social network
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Former Facebook workers say conservative news is suppressed on the social network

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Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook's trending news module daily to find out what today's big news topics are. However, several former Facebook news curators allege that the social media behemoth has news coverage that buries conservative stories, removes trending news unfavorable to Facebook, and injects stories into their news module in order to actually make them trend. 

With this much influence on the news cycle, can we trust Facebook? 

Facebook's vast user base means it wields massive influence over the news cycle,  especially when those users assume the trending news topics are algorithmically driven and don't realize human judgement is involved. Critics argue Facebook's ubiquity and attempts to style itself as a source of neutral news make its practices extremely unethical and overly manipulative. But some believe Facebook users should take their news with a grain of salt. Facebook isn't acting in bad faith here, they are just curating the news as best they can. In many respects, they aren't acting any different from traditional news publications that make choices about what will be on the front page. The fact that there is also an algorithm behind these choices means there is less bias over time, especially as the algorithm improves.

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Many commenters noted that Facebook claim that their trending news section is date-driven is, in fact, the problem. If they're putting their thumb on the scale they need to be transparent about that or lose trust.
When details about which sites and stories were being "excluded" from the feed came to light, many readers thought Facebook had full licence to exert editorial choices without being discrminatory.
Journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out the dangers inherent in any small, homogenous cohort acting as media gatekeepers.
Other readers pointed out that all media outlets have biases that readers should factor in.
And for what it's worth, the story about Facebook interfering with conservative news in their trending now trending on Facebook.
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