Donald Trump has laid out his foreign-policy plan
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Donald Trump has laid out his foreign-policy plan

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Riding high on a five-state primary sweep, Donald Trump just gave a speech describing what foreign policy would look like under his administration. His international goals sound very similar to his domestic campaign promises: put America first, increase military spending, renegotiate trade agreements that are more favorable to the US. He decried the dangers of "the false song of globalism" and claimed he would destroy ISIS. Some conservatives applauded the speech as a welcome change from Obama's foreign policy, but critics say he didn't offer concrete strategies to reach his goals. 

Is his foreign policy grounded in reality? Or is it a wish list he could never accomplish?

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Critics called the speech's content slogans without substance.
Columnist Jonah Goldberg had some faint praise for the Republican front-runner.
People who liked Trump's speech were very approving of his "America First" stance (including the former Republican Speaker of the House).
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham openly disparaged Trump's speech.
Trump's plans couldn't have made Ann Coulter happier.
Some critiqued the speech for lacking coherent specifics.
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