Donald Trump and Paul Ryan seem to have joined forces: is that bad news for Hillary Clinton?
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Donald Trump and Paul Ryan seem to have joined forces: is that bad news for Hillary Clinton?

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After some highly publicized conflict, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump met for peace talks this morning with Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and by all accounts the summit went well. The two men released a joint statement stressing their commonalities and the need for Republicans to unite in order to defeat Hillary Clinton this fall.

The splintered factions and squabbling Republican primaries seemed like a gift to Clinton's campaign — a united Republican Party will undoubtedly make her run for president more difficult, and you can never underestimate how Clinton hatred animates the GOP. On the other hand, it's going to be tough for Ryan and his fellow GOP congressmen to answer for some of Trump's statements and policy positions.

Paul Ryan getting onboard the Trump Train may allow Clinton to paint the entire Republican Party with the same anti-woman/anti-immigrant brush that's been driving women and people of color away from the GOP. Then again, the old saw that "Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line" could come true here – and a unified GOP could present a daunting challenge to Clinton.

So: is this alliance bad news for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party or will it fall apart before Clinton needs to pay it any mind?

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Some commenters are applauding all efforts to unify in order to fight the real enemy (HRC).
On the other hand, "uniting" behind someone with Trump's unfavorables might be yet another gift for the Clinton campaign.
So far Democrats seem to be reacting to the Republican rapprochement with mostly indifference.
Political mastermind David Axelrod isn't buying the unity story yet.
Conservatives point out that GOP unity is the only path to winning the White House in November.
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