Do approval ratings actually matter?
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Do approval ratings actually matter?

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President Trump's approval ratings have consistently reached historic lows, but many argue a president's popularity isn't nearly as important as pundits think. Trump had high unfavorable ratings throughout the 2016 election and still won the presidency. But others believe his low approval ratings make it more difficult for him to work with Congress and pass his policy agenda. What do you think? 📈

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According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump currently has a 37.3 percent approval rating.


In his first year in office, President Trump has maintained some of the lowest early approval ratings of any president in U.S. history. While many of his supporters don't take this polling very seriously, some experts believe President Trump's unpopularity is creating major obstacles that limit his ability to work with Congress.

"Presidents who have higher approval ratings generally have an easier time getting Congress to go with them on big ticket items (e.g., tax reform). That said, with the growing polarization within Congress, even a less popular president can get big stuff passed without being all that popular if his party holds the majority."

But even critics of President Trump have argued political pundits are focusing too much on Trump's unpopularity, and a president's approval ratings are not very important once he is in office.

"Trump didn't win the White House because people liked him. He won because a lot of Americans hated what their government had come to represent and trusted Trump to at least disrupt things. Trump's opposition will have no problem in 2018 and beyond demonstrating that things are broken. The trick will be selling the fix."

Many still argue President Trump's approval ratings are important indicators.

But Trump's supporters repeatedly claim to not care what the president's approval ratings are as long as he is getting the job done.

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