Did the DNC cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination?
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Did the DNC cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination?

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In a damning Politico piece, former DNC chair Donna Brazile alleges she has "proof" that Hillary Clinton "rigged" the nomination process against Bernie Sanders. Sanders' supporters filed a class action lawsuit against the DNC earlier this year, accusing them of working to keep Sanders out of the White House and demanding retribution for their donations. But the lawsuit was dismissed, and the DNC says it is not their fault Sanders lost by 4 million votes. Was Bernie robbed?

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Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Donna Brazile published a damning piece in Politico alleging she had "proof" the Democratic nomination process had been "rigged."

I had promised Bernie when I took the helm of the Democratic National Committee after the convention that I would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested.
By September 7, the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof and it broke my heart.

Brazile argues that because the Clinton campaign struck a fundraising deal with the DNC in order to help get the organization out of debt, Clinton now controlled the inner workings of the DNC. Brazile goes on to blame her predecessor Debbie Wasserman Schultz for surrendering so much power to the Clinton campaign. 

Debbie was not a good manager. She hadn’t been very interested in controlling the party—she let Clinton’s headquarters in Brooklyn do as it desired so she didn’t have to inform the party officers how bad the situation was. 

Supporters of Bernie Sanders have been claiming the nomination process was rigged since the beginning, and now feel they have been validated. A class action lawsuit―which was later dismissed―was even filed against the DNC for "rigging" the primary. Brazile's latest revelations serve as proof of corruption to many.

But others have been critical of the assertions made by Brazile. As some have pointed out, Sanders made a similar agreement with the DNC back in 2015, and just chose not to utilize it.

Others highlight the fact that Clinton actively campaigned for down-ballot Democrats and even sent her own staff to assist with local campaigns, something Sanders refused to do.

And some are just done re-litigating the 2016 election. Trump is president and there are more pressing things to deal with.

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