Did blogger Matt Bruenig deserve to get fired for tweets he sent to female journalists?
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Did blogger Matt Bruenig deserve to get fired for tweets he sent to female journalists?

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Left-wing Twitter went berserk yesterday when progressive think tank Demos announced it would no longer employ blogger Matt Bruenig. It looked as though Bruenig, who is a Sanders supporter, was fired as a result of an exchange with pro-Clinton journalist Joan Walsh, an exchange that Bruenig's defenders described as rude, but others called harassment. In their statement about the firing, Demos decried Bruenig's attack on Walsh, whom he called a "geriatric."  Bruenig also called Neera Tanden, another Clinton ally, a "scumbag." Demos noted that after the incident, "We received emails from multiple individuals who made it clear...the extent to which Matt has been at the center of controversies surrounding online harassment of people with whom he disagrees."

In response to the firing, Bruenig set up a GoFundMe campaign that at this writing has received nearly $25,000.

People who supports Bruenig's firing argue several things: that he has a pattern of harassing women who disagree with him on Twitter and that a media organization like Demos has a right to draw the line as to what they consider unprofessional online behavior. Bruenig also has another full-time job. 

Bruenig's supporters, however, are legion, as evidenced by the $25,000 that poured in to his fundraiser; they include prominent journalists like Glenn Greenwald,  and they see the firing as part of a mainstream effort effort to silence a person who's trying to speak truth to power.

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Many have accused Bruenig of years of online harassment, some of which has led to rape and death threats.
Calling Neera Tanden a "scumbag" crossed the line for many.
His defenders thought the firing was an overreaction.
Many cast the fight as one between Bernie/Hillary supporters, or radical leftists versus mainstream liberals.
Guardian writer Jill Filopovic wrote that Bruenig had been given fair warning by Demos that his behavior was unacceptable, but he refused to change it.
As of today, someone had already set up a fake account specifically to ridicule Filipovic for her stance on the controversy,
Many Bruenig supporters violently disagreed with the idea that he harassed women.
Journalist Glenn Greenwald came out strongly against Bruenig's detractors.
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