Should Democrats support pro-life candidates?
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Should Democrats support pro-life candidates?

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Democrats For Life of America has been pressuring the Democratic Party to amend its pro-choice platform and some members of Democratic leadership have been open to working with them, stating there is "no litmus test" when it comes to candidates who oppose abortion rights. But many argue that reproductive freedom is non-negotiable, and Democrats should not compromise on women's rights. What do you think? 🚺

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In 2016, the Democratic Party adopted a platform that was hailed by many as "the best ever for reproductive freedom." But after suffering a devastating electoral loss, many in the party are asking Democratic leadership to be more open to candidates who oppose abortion.

Pro-choice activists within the party are outraged the Democratic Party is considering "selling out women" for political gain and believe weakening the party's stance on reproductive freedom is the wrong path forward.

“The Democratic Party has and will always include people who don’t personally believe that abortion is an option for them or their families. But the Democratic Party should draw the line on supporting legislators or candidates who seek to impose their personal views on their constituents and the country."

But some believe Democrats are limiting themselves with their staunch pro-choice stance, and will never succeed as a national party if they aren't willing to listen to pro-life liberals.

If the Democratic Party is to become a truly national party — one that can win consistently outside of urban, coastal America — it has no choice but to welcome people with different views on abortion. The number of voters who cite abortion as their single-most-important issue is the highest in the history of Gallup’s poll. This group is dominated by pro-lifers.

Many argue the Democratic Party must be willing to embrace pro-life candidates if they want to win more elections.

But others find it extremely unsettling that some within the Democratic Party would be willing to compromise on women's rights.

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