Should Democrats be more willing to work with President Trump?
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Should Democrats be more willing to work with President Trump?

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After President Trump tweeted he would be meeting with "Chuck and Nancy" to discuss "illegal immigrants flooding our country," Schumer and Pelosi abruptly cancelled their meeting with the president. Many argue Democrats should seek to find common ground with Trump on issues where they share the same goals. But others believe Democrats have nothing to gain from Trump's agenda and should obstruct him in the same way Republicans did Obama. What do you think?🐴 🇺🇸

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President Trump announced on Twitter that he would be meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to discuss the possibility of avoiding a government shutdown while simultaneously accusing them of being "weak on crime" and wanting "substantially raise taxes."

Schumer and Pelosi responded with a joint statement in which they cancelled their meeting with the president and offered to speak with their counterparts in Congress instead.

Many applauded Schumer and Pelosi's decision not to meet with Trump.

And supporters believe Democrats should follow the example of Republicans who spent eight years obstructing President Obama.

But Republican leaders accused Democrats of finding "new excuses" not to work with the president.

But there is still an ongoing debate in the Democratic Party about the best path forward in the era of Trump. In a political climate more divided than ever, many feel bipartisanship is a lost cause. But some argue Democrats could gain a lot of political capital by working across the aisle.

"Democrats have less incentive to work with Republicans right now given the mess that the party is in. As they watch Trump’s approval ratings plummet and the congressional Republicans tie themselves up in knots, there is good reason for the Democrats to remain on the sideline. Yet if there are genuine opportunities that emerge, making progress on a few key issues could work in the favor of Democrats by providing a stark contrast to the destructive path of the commander in chief."

And Pelosi herself has expressed in the past that she would be open to work with President Trump and the GOP in areas where their interests overlap.

"We have a responsibility to the American people to find as much common ground as we can. There has to be sincerity, though. ... I don't think he has the faintest idea — the president — about the health care thing."

But many on the left believe the prospect of Democrats working with President Trump is a fantasy, and Trump has proven time and time again he has no desire to fight for the values Democrats believe in.

"Were it possible for Democrats to work with President Trump to benefit the American people, it would be laudable to do so, but we are now into the third month of his presidency, and Mr. Trump is as self-serving as we always knew he would be. Both the president and his party seem to be committed to doing as much harm to the American people, and our natural resources and international standing, as possible."

Some on the left view any compromise from Democrats as unacceptable.

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