Should Congress open an investigation into the deadly Niger attack?
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Should Congress open an investigation into the deadly Niger attack?

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Many are urging Congress to investigate the Niger attack that left four U.S. servicemen dead. Even the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz, called on his colleagues to open an investigation. But others worry such an investigation would only turn Niger into Benghazi―"a tragedy in search of a scandal"―and Congress shouldn't politicize the deaths of the four soldiers who lost their lives. What do you think?

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While President Trump continues to feud with a Gold Star widow, questions surrounding the attack in Niger that left four U.S. servicemen dead are mounting. Many have criticized the White House for a lack of transparency, which has led the FBI to get involved.

U.S. military officials said Thursday that they are trying to piece together a timeline of what happened, while lawmakers impatient for information criticized the Pentagon and White House for a lack of transparency. The FBI’s involvement comes amid an absence of details on the ambush, which has become the center of a political firestorm over how President Donald Trump has interacted with relatives of the dead soldiers.

But many believe the FBI's involvement isn't enough. Former chairman of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz―who spearheaded the infamous Benghazi hearings aimed at smearing Hillary Clinton―has come out in support of an independent Congressional investigation into the attack.

Others have called out Republicans for their hypocrisy, being silent on Niger after so fervently investigating Benghazi.

And some have even gone as far as to label the Niger attack as Trump's Benghazi.

But others fear a Congressional investigation into the Niger attack would only politicize the tragedy by turning it into Benghazi.

And Democrats should take the high road rather than use the Niger tragedy for political gain.

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