Clinton allies urge Bernie Sanders to ease off attacks for the good of the party
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Clinton allies urge Bernie Sanders to ease off attacks for the good of the party

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Should the Sanders campaign tone down their attacks on Clinton for the good of the party, or should they try to take Clinton down any way they can?

The Clinton campaign has been very careful not to tell Bernie Sanders to drop out — but they are asking him to tone it down. After Sanders's decisive defeat in New York on Tuesday, Sanders's chances of the nomination are slim. As a result, some Clinton supporters are pleading with the Sanders campaign to ease off on his critiques of Clinton, so as not to create ammunition for Republicans in the general election. 

Several Democratic governors urged the Sanders campaign to shift their fire towards Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and avoid attacking Secretary Clinton in ways that could "damage the party" and deny Democrats the White House. 

The Sanders campaign has reacted to these pleas "with varying degrees of incredulity," vowing to keep the spotlight on Clinton's vulnerabilities, like her connections to Wall Street.

Should Bernie battle on or ease off?

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Sanders's path to the nomination is looking nearly impossible. Why keep tearing down Clinton if it can't help him and could help the Republicans?
Sanders's campaign and supporters are thus far not thrilled with the Clinton camp's suggestions around "toning it down," to the point where #ToneDownForWhat is now trending.
Many Sanders supporters hear the Clinton camp's request as a demand to give in and knuckle down to help a party they don't particularly like.
But even some Sanders supporters think that if Bernie can't win, he should start throwing his energy behind liberal progressive candidates, rather than continuing to battle Clinton.
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