Bill Clinton rants while on presidential campaign trail for Hillary
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Bill Clinton rants while on presidential campaign trail for Hillary

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Former President Bill Clinton continues to use his star power on the presidential campaign trail for wife Hillary. But his rants and outrageous comments have also done harm to her presidential bid.

Should Bill stop speaking on behalf of Hillary to prevent further damage? Or is his “star power” helping her campaign?

Recently, Bill joked that Bernie Sanders supporters would "shoot every third person on Wall Street." This comment comes shortly after Bill ranted in response to an interruption from racial justice protesters at a rally for Hillary in Philadelphia. The protesters disrupted the rally to point out Bill's 1994 crime bill, his involvement with mass incarceration, and Hillary's  "super-predators" comments in 1996. Bill said the protesters support murderers — causing backlash for racially insensitivity and missing the point of the protest.

But Hillary's campaign and others still support Bill campaigning, saying there's no better example of #ImWithHer than former President Clinton.

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Sanders' supporters reacted to Bill's joke on Twitter, and they weren't so happy about it — comparing him to Donald Trump and saying his rants will only further Sanders' campaign.
Just a week before he poked fun at Sanders' supporters, Bill said in response to racial justice protesters: “I don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out onto the street to murder other African-American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens. She didn't. She didn't. You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. Tell the truth!”
Many called out his rant as racially insensitive and for missing the point. Mass incarceration mainly impacted communities of color and continues to further perpetuate the stigma about violence in Black communities, and it furthers the black-on-black crime narrative in which racial justice protesters continue to debunk — as intraracial violence is not unique to Black people. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, white people kill each other nearly as much. Statistically, people are more likely to be killed by someone within their own race and community.
However, Hillary's campaign loves Bill's help.
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