Does Bernie Sanders have a chance in 2020?
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Does Bernie Sanders have a chance in 2020?

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Many political insiders believe Bernie Sanders is preparing for another presidential run in 2020, and his supporters are very excited about it. Skeptics say at age 79, the Vermont senator will be too old for the job. Plus Hillary Clinton beat him in the primary by nearly four million votes, and he'll never win the Democratic nomination without support from voters of color. But others think he has the best chance going up against President Trump. What do you think? 👴🏻

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Political insiders believe the Independent Senator from Vermont is planning for a 2020 presidential bid.

Bernie Sanders is taking steps to address longstanding political shortcomings that were exposed in 2016, ahead of another possible presidential bid in 2020 [...] Sanders has been working closely with figures who are close to the party establishment he's long railed against... he's been meeting with international affairs experts such as Bill Perry, a defense secretary in the administration of President Bill Clinton, around a series of speeches designed to define his international vision, one year after running a campaign heavy on domestic policy and light on the rest of the world.

Many Democrats don't want Sanders to seek the 2020 nomination because, well, he's not a Democrat.

Alan Dershowitz think Sanders could win five states at best.

But others believe Sanders' overwhelming support from young voters in particular could be enough to secure him the nomination in 2020 and lead him to victory.

And think it's ageist to claim Sanders' is too old to run.

But some point to Sanders not-so-great record when it comes to wooing voters of color, especially African-American voters who make up such a large portion of the Democratic base.

Still, after Sanders' made history in 2016 with so many individual contributions to his campaign, the sky is the limit.

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